Aida Murad

Aida Murad
Fine Art;Abstract;Modern Artist
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Aida Murad is an Artist, Healer and Intuitive Coach who creates experiences of healing by making art and designing art journeys to facilitate people's healing and inner expansion. As of April 2022, Aida has sold out 10 collections and has been featured in 21 exhibitions. Her work has been featured globally including in Voice of America, Reuters, TRT World, Al Jazeera, and the United Nations. She is named as the 2022 Georgetown University Artist in Residence to create healing art for the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. She has also collaborated with Grammy Award winning artists including the drummer from The Doors, John Densmore, to use art for social good. As an Arab and previously disabled individual, Aida hopes to open increased pathways for more minorities and differently abled individuals to enter the arts as well as use art for nature conservation and climate change awareness.

Turning to Art for Healing

Aida identifies as an Arab Spiritual Artist whose mission is to help people feel seen, heard and loved through art. She paints with her fingers due to a past trauma. She became an Artist because she had Rheumatoid Arthritis. They say the darker the shadow the brighter the light. Her Rheumatoid Arthritis was her shadow. Her art is her light and serves as a light for others. When she was 20 years old, she was diagnosed with her shadow and, subsequently, semi paralyzed for 4.5 years. When she was in a place of suffering, she turned to art to help her heal. However, she didn’t paint with paint brushes, she painted only with her hands to demonstrate to herself and to the world that she is not damaged, and this dysmorphia will not define her.

Aida has supported many individuals, families and companies with having her art work transform the physical space and bring not just beauty but light to the space.

Floating, 2021 Aida Murad
Rainbows For You, 2021 Aida Murad
Mind of Magic, 2020 Aida Murad
Softness, 2022 Aida Murad
Mountain of Hope, 2022 Aida Murad
The Infinite, 2022 Aida Murad
Balance, 2021 Aida Murad
Happiness, 2022 Aida Murad
Gabrielle, 2022 Aida Murad
The Soft Flame, 2022 Aida Murad
Fun, 2022 Aida Murad
The Moment, 2021 Aida Murad

During the height of COVID-19 shutdowns, Murad lost her grandmother. Unable to go home to her family in Jordan, Murad found another way to process her grief: through sharing brilliant, beautiful paintings in celebration of grandmothers everywhere. Should you feel inspired, Murad also has a community canvas hanging in the exhibit, dedicated to “our grandmothers”, for you to leave a mark on behalf of your own grandmother.


EXHIBITION: Aida Murad’s First Solo Exhibition, “Nevin,” Opens in Brooklyn, New York
EXHIBITION: Aida Murad’s First Solo Exhibition, “Nevin,” Opens in Brooklyn, New York

Aida Murad opened her first solo-exhibit “Nevin” at the Founders Lab NYC in Brooklyn, NY on Friday, February 18th. Titled “Nevin,” after her grandmother who recently passed away, the exhibition celebrates the love, admiration, and yearning for all grandmothers and the imprint they have and leave on present and future generations.


New York City