John Kotos

John Kotos
Abstract Artist
Ponte Vedra, FL, United States

I am an artist based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, where I live with his wife and two children. My work is a meditation on nature and the delicate balance it represents. I draws upon the beauty of his environment to infuse vivid detail into each one of his paintings. I aim to have viewers of my work get lost in my paintings in order to communicate the flow state he experiences when creating his work.

Bliss, 2023 John Kotos
Resonance, 2022 John Kotos
Serene, 2022 John Kotos
Ocean, 2022 John Kotos
Vase, 2022 John Kotos
Bioluminescence, 2022 John Kotos
Anthos, 2022 John Kotos
Illusion, 2022 John Kotos
Canopy, 2022 John Kotos