Stephanie Corne

Stephanie Corne
Abstract Artist
Brooklyn, NY, U.S

Stephanie Corne is a French painter and multimedia artist based in New York who had an extensive experience in catering decorative arts to the wealthy and traveled the world for her graphic facilitation assignments.

Her artwork is abstract or figurative, or both, depending on the subject matter.

Art, a Lifeline

Corne keeps on creating artwork because, it is her life. This is what she wants and needs to do. She does not conceive of a life without a pencil or brush in her hand.

She knows, for a fact, that if she stopped creating artwork, she would get sick, physically, and depressed. So if you think about it, she doesn't really have a choice. An artist is haunted in a way. She can see people around her who are artist who don’t create, and she sees the ravage of addiction and sadness in them. She can see also how other people have lost touch with their creative life and sense of self as a result and they aren’t easy to have around. It hurts them and their loved ones. Corne knows in her guts that as a society we would be better off if everyone had somewhat of an art practice in their lives.

She very much believes in Eros as the driving force of creativity and to keep on going no matter what happens in your life or in the world. To Corne, a day not painting is not as good and meaningful as a day when painting happened. This is the way she wants to mark time, the way she desires to see her days go by without feeling any hint of nostalgia.

She paints and life doesn’t draw herself in sorrow. She paints because that’s her oldest and most enriching friend. She paints to see what she can do with this idea she is obsessed with, with this technique she wants to be good at. She paints because she believes in the healing power of color. She loves to celebrate each day with the paly of light thru colors and shapes.

Shipwrecked, 2019 Stephanie Corne
The Twins, 2019 Stephanie Corne
Construction Worker, 2019 Stephanie Corne
A Place of Her Own, 2019 Stephanie Corne
Asleep With Headphones On, 2019 Stephanie Corne
Woman Falling Asleep, 2019 Stephanie Corne
Homeless Sleeping, 2019 Stephanie Corne
Going To Work, 2019 Stephanie Corne
Ready to Jump Out, 2019 Stephanie Corne
Exhausted Young Man, 2019 Stephanie Corne
Overworked, 2019 Stephanie Corne
The Old Lion, 2019 Stephanie Corne
UN Environment Program
UN Environment Program

Corne's painting was reinvisioned as a flag that was displayed for a month at the Rockefeller Center.


ChaShama Foundation Features
ChaShama Foundation Features

Corne's artwork was on display during the ChaShama Foundation's rare public opening.