Susan Patrick

Susan Patrick
Abstract Artist
Charlottesville, VA, USA

Susan Patrick is an abstract painter inspired by the real world and heavily influenced by her inner universe. She began painting after a traumatic personal inevitability. Painting is an event as well as a refuge for her.

The New Compositions

Susan Patrick's broad landscapes depict fanciful places she has never looked at, explored, or even imagined.  They grew from the inspiration of underlying paintings, plant forms painted in the Middle East, direct observation, and printed marks. The triangle composition, as well as the landscape paintings, were painted over previous work that became part of what you see now.  Chosen elements were painted around and left to inhabit the new compositions.  In a sense, the new paintings are in collaboration with the previous paintings, somehow merging memory, and current time. The sense of motion plays through all these paintings.  Wind could be blowing, plants swaying, reaching, marks jutting, birds careening.  There is pushing to and pulling apart, agitation.

The Arrangements are sewn down objects picked up off roads and ground.  Each object originally had a purpose, such as producing oxygen, housing a sea animal, holding metal pieces or wooden boards together, capping a bottle, helping a bird fly.  When these objects were no longer useful they had become trash. Before being discarded they had a purpose and were perhaps valuable in function or sentiment.  And then, they fell or were dropped, turned into debris.  Patrick picked them up, arranged them, drew them, and sewed them down, perhaps giving them a new purpose of pleasing the spirit and the eye.

February, 2020 Susan Patrick
A Different Room, 2016 Susan Patrick
Attachment 12, 2019 Susan Patrick
Attachment 11, 2019 Susan Patrick
For the Trees, 2016 Susan Patrick
Late Day, 2018 Susan Patrick
Red Hills and Walls, 2020 Susan Patrick
Place in Mist, 2018 Susan Patrick
Tonight and Tomorrow, 2016 Susan Patrick
Flight of Dreams, 2016 Susan Patrick
Philosophy of art education
Philosophy of art education _

By studying art and making art, we place ourselves into a centuries long continuum of observers and visual speakers. We begin to understand previous and MN current cultures through drawn, painted, and sculpted images, as well as through pottery, jewelry, and fiber Nobjects and buildings. We enter this expressive sequence when we take a pencil in hand, observe, and record, creating not only from observation of a person or thing, but also from emotions and attitudes developed from birth.



The World Art Exhibit
The World Art Exhibit _

The World Art Exhibit features drawings by thirty three refugees and immigrants from fifteen countries, all of whom live, work, and study in the Charlottesville area. I invited adult students in English classes to participate by drawing images of their memories from their home countries. The show is an opportunity for refugees to connect with the larger Charlottesville community by introducing themselves through their images. The International Rescue Committee sponsored this work in many venues