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Anastasiia Novytska
Anastasiia Novytska
Fine Art Artist
Genova, Not, Italy
Anastasiia Novytska

My name is Anastasiia Novitskaya. I was born in Ukraine. I have had a passion for drawing since childhood. All the time I was in search of myself. I was not interested in listening lectures, so I drew sketches in my notebooks. In 2014 I started studying oil painting in the Kyiv Art Gallery where I drew my first paintings.

In 2015 I moved to Poland, where I devoted myself entirely to art. I studied contemporary art and met local artists. During this period, I got acquainted with new techniques in painting. I opened my own cafe in Krakow, this was one of the first places where my paintings were shown.

In 2022 I moved to Genoa, Italy. This greatly influenced my paintings, I learned to convey the feeling of being near the sea. My sunsets have become sensual and brighter.

I love to experiment, to observe, to discover new aspects of familiar things. I am constantly searching for myself, my place in this world. Simple words can not convey all the nuances of emotions and experiences. Art for me - is a way to transfer feelings. It is what connect us together and takes communication to the next level - the emotional level.

I believe that art is the way to express the inexpressible.