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Albert Winfield
Albert Winfield
Fine Art Artist
Danville, VA, United States
Albert Winfield

Al Winfield was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1998, and grew up in the Piedmont region of Virginia, From a young age, he held a deep love for painting and drawing. As his passion grew, he began painting classes outside of school grew and entered multiple local shows. He eventually graduated with a BA in Communication Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has continued painting since, and produces work from his home in the Piedmont region of Virginia.

My work is heavily inspired by the day-to-day experiences that I have and witness in life. Works like Early Morning, Homegirls, and That Night are heavily influenced by ideas of stress, uncertainty, as well as joy. I also take inspiration from family and friends, as seen in works like Together, and Grand Old Day. My process involves compiling reference photos, and creating a digital composite image. Eventually I use it as a reference for the final oil painting.