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RevArt Joins Forces with Vault Virginia to Create a New Gallery Space Guild Gallery in C’ville

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented ideas—like reimagining parts of a historic bank building to house unique arts experiences. Collaborators Patti Pan and James Barton (founders of RevArt and Vault Virginia, respectively) shared a vision to support emerging and underrepresented artists by designing communal spaces for folks to create, engage with, and purchase affordable art.  

The high ceilings and expansive halls of the former People’s National Bank serve as a backdrop to immersive galleries with exhibitions rotating quarterly with the changing of the seasons. Artwork at the Guild Gallery is curated with the purpose of generating conversation, critical thinking, and curiosity. “We will focus more on affordable art,” Pan says, “so that people can easily bring a piece of art home and support artists and the gallery.” Each season’s exhibition will offer new opportunities to purchase original work and museum-quality art gifts--including items created in collaboration with exhibiting artists.

Since establishing RevArt in 2020 as a “global online platform connecting artists with brands,” Patti Pan has been searching for a gallery to call “home” for showcasing local artists to pique the curiosity and meet the needs of the Charlotteville community. Because of its special location and unique layout, Pan singled out Vault Virginia as the perfect place to curate multisensory artistic experiences and share the stories artists tell through and about their work. With a diverse team of creatives, RevArt provides unique opportunities for artists seeking support with marketing their work or developing their brand while Vault offers the physical space for locals to display their art and engage with other entrepreneurial creatives. 

Photo by "My Life Through A Lens" on Unsplash


Partnering with RevArt to bring immersive art to the hybrid coworking and event space at Vault Virginia is another way Barton promotes what he calls ‘accelerated serendipity.’ For him, “it’s about enhancing our daily experience--and helping people work, learn, and create within an inspiring context.” In addition to the interdisciplinary workshops and social events hosted by The Guild at Vault Virginia, the partnership with RevArt adds a host of activities for the community to enjoy including quarterly exhibition events, skill-building workshops, artist talks, creative “jam” sessions, and more! 

Visits to the gallery space are free to members of The Guild and pay-as-you-can for public entry Monday-Friday 9 am-4 pm and by appointment Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets for events may be purchased online or in person at Vault Virginia during regular business hours. Proceeds from gallery visits and events benefit the local creative community. 

Those who are interested can keep up with the goings-on at the Guild Gallery by signing up for RevArt Newsletter, or checking the calendar of events link here. For artists, the RevArt artist program is now open to applications. Artists can apply here (link) to join the RevArt network and explore more opportunities to collaborate.