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RevArt and Greystar Collaborate on a New Gallery in the Financial District, NYC

RevArt and Greystar New York have opened Gallery 19, a new modern art gallery in 19 Dutch Lower Manhattan. The goal of the gallery is to help artists and bring together a community in New York that is struggling with COVID. People know that art has the power to bring people together, especially after a tragedy. In 2022, state legislatures increased funding for art agencies by more than doubling the 2021 amount.

The gallery will give talented artists a place to show off their work, meet people in the neighborhood, and try out different kinds of art in a multifamily building. Following the opening of Gallery 19, Leah Ferrari, a resident service coordinator at Greystar, said, “We hope that the residents find this pop-up art gallery to be fun, interactive, sophisticated, and unique." "It is also a great opportunity to promote the work of local artists in Lower Manhattan." Gallery 19's first exhibition features works about New York City by four local New York artists. 

RevArt and Greystar envision the gallery as a unique space for New Yorkers to see and feel themselves through art. RevArt and Greystar both believe in the power art has to bring communities together while still enhancing our personal experiences. Patti Pan, founder and CEO of RevArt, said in an interview, “We are excited to partner with Greystar... we always believe that art should be for everyone and that it can benefit brands and companies." "We want to create value for our artists, partners, and the neighborhood. "We want to exhibit what art is capable of.”

The gallery will focus on inviting local artists in New York State and New York City or artists who belong to minority groups to show in the space. The exhibitions will have different themes, and there will be multiple art and culture-related events to be hosted. Gallery 19 hopes that it can deliver a new message about contemporary art: the community and audiences are part of the art itself. 

Because the gallery is located in a luxury apartment monitored by Greystar properties, visitors need to schedule an appointment in advance to check out the recent exhibitions. The gallery, however, is open to all and welcomed by art lovers. 

Join us in celebrating the opening of Gallery 19, a place in Lower Manhattan where art and people come together.

Audiences are looking at Kevin Rifenburg’s painting

                                                               (Audiences are looking at Kevin Rifenburg’s painting)