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Artist Vivia Barron Celebrates Black Joy and Water in New Exhibition: “Water: Soul of The Earth"

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Artist Vivia Barron Celebrates Black Joy and Water in New Exhibition: “Water: Soul of The Earth"


Atlanta, GA - RevArt is thrilled to announce the upcoming exhibition "Water: Soul of the Earth," featuring the works of Vivia Barron. The exhibit will run from June 2nd to August 27th at Ascent Peachtree in Atlanta, GA, and will showcase Vivia Barron's latest paintings that celebrate Black joy and the deep connection and history of Black people to water.

Born in Jamaica, Vivia Barron immigrated to the US and settled in St. Petersburg, FL. Before becoming a painter, she was known for her extravagant, artistic plating as a chef. Her artistic inspiration comes from vintage postcards and antique photographs, and her work centers around themes of joy, representation, and the beauty of nature, particularly water.

Water is a recurring motif in Vivia Barron's work, representing both its power and its serenity. Through her art, she aims to celebrate the diversity of Black experiences and create a space where Black joy and beauty can be fully expressed and celebrated. Her pieces are a rewriting of the narrative to include black people in the story in a way that doesn't treat them as "othered" or "different," but as an inextricable, necessary part of the experience of being alive and of being a member of a community.

"I am excited to bring my work to Atlanta, to a new audience, and it feels like a homecoming since Atlanta is home to many Jamaicans and I lived in Atlanta in my 20s. The exhibition also serves as a continuation of the work I did last year with my show 'Right to Swim'," said Barron.

The exhibition's name, "Water: Soul of the Earth," highlights the essential nature of water to life and its cultural and spiritual significance in many societies. Water has shaped the history, culture, sense of self, and space of Black people. It is dangerous and beautiful, calming and frightening, and Barron is drawn to its deep layers of green and blue.

Patti Pan, the curator at RevArt, said, "When I see Vivia's work, I have many complicated emotions. The crisp design and vibrant color first caught my attention. Then I begin to wonder about the stories behind those figures in the painting and feel a more intense emotion. I can't wait to show those paintings to the public and hear what the audiences will say."

The opening reception for "Water: Soul of the Earth" will take place on June 2nd, Friday, from 5 to 8 p.m. EST. The exhibition will run until August 27th and can be viewed at Ascent Peachtree Lobby, P12, 161 Peachtree Center Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30303.


"I hope that when viewers see my work, they feel joy and I hope that they see themselves represented. I hope they find inspiration to take their families outside, to the beach, to the park, to places where they can experience joy," said Barron.


Vivia Barron's paintings can be found in private collections throughout the US, and her work also hangs at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Tampa. Don't miss the opportunity to experience "Water: Soul of The Earth" and witness Vivia Barron's celebration of Black Joy and the connection of Black people to water.


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Headshot of artist Vivia Barron

Headshot of artist Vivia Barron



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