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Lea Claisse: Capturing the Beauty and Action of Sliding Sports and Music Through Photography



Lea Claisse is a talented French photographer who has made a name for herself in the world of action photography for sliding sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Her passion for art was nurtured by her mother, who took her to museums, inspired her to take up drawing, and introduced her to the art world. Claisse started her art career by working with non-government organizations and hosted her first exhibition in 2013. During the COVID, her interests in Paris sparked, and she took on several projects about the city. She honed her skills further by traveling around the world and taking pictures as part of fieldwork for NGOs. Now, she is known for her precision and ability to capture the perfect shot in high-intensity situations, making her a sought-after artist in the world of sports and music photography.


From Pandemic Exploration to Specializing in Action and Fine Art Photography


Despite growing up in Paris, Claisse had never really taken up photography until the pandemic forced her to explore her own city. She began to take pictures of the empty streets and buildings, capturing a unique perspective of modern Paris that had never been seen before.

As her interest in photography and contemporary art grew, Claisse had the opportunity to travel around the world and take pictures as part of fieldwork for NGOs. It was during these trips that Claisse truly fell in love with the art and medium of photography. She found that street photography was one of her biggest early inspirations, especially in new environments. She felt that street photography helped her understand a place and gave her insights into the culture.

Claisse's passion for photography eventually led her to specialize in action photography for sliding sports such as skiing and snowboarding to discover and develop her unique photographic concepts. She now does action photography for the ski club she participated in when she was younger. She enjoys the challenge of action photography, as it requires a lot of precision, and the subjects of her photos have to be successful in their actions for a picture to be publish-worthy. Claisse has found that capturing the perfect shot of an athlete in motion can be incredibly rewarding.

In addition to action photography, Claisse also posts a lot of fine art and music-related photography and collages through her various outlets. She has always been interested in music and found that photography was a great way to capture the energy and excitement of live performances. From her art, the audience can get a sense of vibrant energy and find the style very inviting. 

On a typical working day, Claisse can spend up to a few hours taking pictures from only a few angles. She has discovered that taking multiple shots from different angles can be a waste of time and prefers to take a more strategic approach to photography. Claisse does most of her editing and collage work at night, when she has more time to focus. She uses both physical copies and computer software, such as Photoshop, to edit her photos. Claisse enjoys playing with light in her photos and using shadows to convey meaning. She has found that playing with light can add a lot of depth to her photos and create a more dynamic image.

Claisse also loves going into the mountains to take pictures with her artist crew. The environment gives her a feeling of freedom that she finds hard to replicate in the city. Nature is the source of art ideas. She has found that being in nature can be incredibly inspiring and can lead to some of her best photos. Claisse's work has been featured in several magazines and has gained a following on social media. And she has found a market for her art. She has also been admitted as a member of the RevArt artist program and worked with multiple galleries. As a talented emerging artist, she is constantly pushing herself to take better pictures and is always looking for new challenges.



La Gravière - Soorts HossegorPhoto by Lea Claisse


Challenges and Rewards


As a street photographer, Claisse faces unique challenges that require her to be quick on her feet and rely on her intuition. She often has to navigate unfamiliar environments and cultural barriers to capture the perfect shot. Claisse has a deep appreciation for street photography, as it helps her understand a place and gain insights into its culture.

One of the biggest hurdles she faces is taking pictures of people, especially when she is traveling to a new country and does not speak the language or know much about the local culture. Despite her shyness, she has learned to rely on people's body language to capture the perfect shot. She has also developed a keen eye for capturing fleeting moments of life and emotions, which sets her work apart from others.

However, being a photographer can be a lonely job. Claisse spends long hours scouting locations, setting up shots, and editing her work. She finds that her creative process is best when she is alone and can fully immerse herself in the work. However, she also enjoys working with a crew and bouncing ideas off of others to combat the loneliness that can come with the job.

Despite the challenges, Claisse's passion for photography shines through in her work. Her ability to capture the perfect shot, whether it be an athlete in action or a musician on stage, is a testament to her skill and dedication to her craft. She continues to push herself and explore new techniques and styles, ensuring that her work stays fresh and exciting. Claisse's work not only captures the beauty of the moment but also tells a story, making her a sought-after artist in the world of sports and music photography.


Lea Claisse’s Passion and Dedication to Photography 


Lea Claisse's passion and talent for photography are evident in her work, where she captures the beauty and excitement of sliding sports and music-related events. Drawing inspiration from street photography, Claisse enjoys the challenge of capturing the perfect shot and the precision required in this form of action photography. While the job of an artist can be lonely, Claisse finds that working alone enhances her creative process and that collaborating with others helps to combat loneliness.

With her dedication and skills, it is no surprise that Claisse has already found success in her field. As she continues to pursue her passion, there is no doubt that she will make a name for herself in the world of photography and continue to achieve her goals. Lea Claisse is a talented artist, and her passion for photography shines through in her own collection of work.

You can check out Claisse’s art showcase here. If you are interested in purchasing Claisse’s art, partnering with her, or interviewing her, send an email to