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RevArt Launches SMART Manager: The Ultimate Art Management Platform for Artists

[Santa Clara,June 27th] - RevArt, a leading innovator in the art industry, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary product, SMART Manager. This cutting-edge art management platform is specifically designed to empower artists by streamlining their business operations, enhancing their marketing efforts, and advancing their careers.


SMART Manager provides artists with a comprehensive suite of tools and features to effectively manage their art businesses. With its AI-powered technology, artists can effortlessly handle inventory management, e-commerce integration, giclee printing, training resources, art show opportunities, marketing services, and much more. By reducing the administrative burden they face, this cutting-edge platform frees up artists to concentrate on what they do best—creating exceptional art.


"We created SMART Manager to address the unique challenges faced by artists as solo entrepreneurs," said Max Liu, CTO of RevArt. "Through this groundbreaking tool, artists can finally free themselves from the overwhelming paperwork and organizational tasks that come with running an art business. Our goal is to save artists time and help them advance their careers by providing them with a user-friendly and efficient platform."


One of the standout features of SMART Manager is its ability to digitize artwork creations and build stunning personal showcase portfolios that artists can easily sell online with just a few clicks. This feature enables artists to connect with their supporters and followers on a deeper level, expand their audience reach, and monetize their extraordinary talent.


"I am absolutely thrilled about the incredible feature that allows artists to effortlessly digitize their artwork creations and build stunning personal showcase portfolios that they can easily sell online with just a few clicks!" exclaimed Max Liu. "It's an absolute game-changer for any artist looking to showcase their work and reach a wider audience."


In addition to its powerful features, SMART Manager also connects artists with RevArt's extensive network of industry professionals and resources. Through the platform, artists gain access to RevArt's support in e-commerce, giclee printing, gallery exhibitions, art project open calls, social media management, PR press distribution, and training workshops. SMART Manager serves as a comprehensive solution to artists' challenges in art business operations, marketing, and sales.


Patti Pan, CEO of RevArt, emphasized the company's commitment to supporting artists and advancing their careers. "At RevArt, we have always strived to make worldwide art accessible and support artists in their journey," said Patti Pan. "With SMART Manager, we not only provide artists with an exceptional tool, but we also foster a thriving community where they can develop their art businesses. We aim to be the best supporter of visual artists in the industry."


SMART Manager will be officially launched on June 26th, 2023, and will be available to all visual artists. To support upcoming artists, RevArt offers a free tier for artists to get started. Furthermore, talented artists can also take advantage of the RevArt Artist Program, which provides access to the premium version of SMART Manager without any upfront costs.


For more information about SMART Manager and to sign up for a free account, please visit Join the revolution in art management and unlock the true potential of your art business with SMART Manager by RevArt.


About RevArt:

RevArt is a leading art platform dedicated to advancing artists' careers and making art accessible worldwide. With a strong focus on innovation and technology, RevArt provides artists with a range of services, including art management, exhibition, marketing, and distribution. The launch of SMART Manager further solidifies RevArt's commitment to supporting artists and empowering them to thrive in the art industry.


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