What is RevArt?

We advance artists’ careers by using technology and networking.
All you need to do is create the artwork, we cover the rest.
Here’s what we do for you.


We promote your personal brand and work. While no effort is required on your part, it is welcome!


Get paid for your work while we ensure it’s protection as it gains exposure to brands.


We facilitate your collaboration with brands and open the door for you to communicate with them directly.


Hear from other artists

Creating is your priority.

“RevArt provides me with excellent opportunities and marketing assistance in the notoriously complex art world. I can focus on creating while they work on my behalf to get my work in front of prospective brands and clients.”

artist Bernie McCabe The first fine Maze artist in the U.S.

Artist Journey

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Getting Paid

Advance your career starting with our artist program.

Frequently Asked Questions

We invite emerging, global artists who focus on painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, installation, and new media to apply.

We invest our resources in emerging artists without charging any fees in advance. We believe in our artists and have the philosophy that we can succeed when our artists succeed. To ensure that both parties succeed, we select artists to collaborate with based on how serious they are about their artistic careers.

RevArt collaborates with different brands in various industries, including fashion and luxury, cosmetics and beauty, technology gadgets, hospitality, retail, and commercial real estate. Your creation could be used for art exhibitions, art education, product designs, marketing events, and media coverage.

No. RevArt will invest in you first. We are ARTrepreneurs as you are. Only when you collaborate with a brand and get paid through RevArt’s platform will you then pay us a commission fee.

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