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Alexandra Cicorschi: Carving The Way

Trees are one of nature’s most essential and abundant aspects, and Alexandra Cicorschi understands the principle very well. That’s why, instead of paper, the artist uses wood in her art and concept demonstration.

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RevArt and VivaTerra Announce Partnership to Launch Art and Nature Collection

VivaTerra’s first fine art collaboration and a curated gallery of women artists will be available i

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, Jun 22nd, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - RevArt, an art licensing startup connecting artists with brands, announced today a partnership with VivaTerra, a globally-inspired home and garden goods retailer with trend-forward, sustainable, eco-conscious design, to launch VivaTerra’s first artist collaboration. The collection will feature three outstanding female artists and their artworks.

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Female in the Art Industry: The New Achievements and History Behind

As in many other areas, women have been underrepresented in the art industry. However, in the past decade, gender equity in the art world made many signs of progress. For example, the recent new appointment of Laurence Des Cars as the first female director of the Louvre, France, inspired us to research and reflect on the current status of women in the art industry

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NFTs: What Do They Mean for the Art Market?

The rise in popularity of NFTs in the art world adds to a rise in the digitization of the art industry. NFTs are the latest technology that has increased the democratization of the art market. They are changing the way people create, collect, and experience artworks.

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Engaging More Senses: Connecting Food and Art

Art Menu Recipe Included

The February Artist Showcase provided participants with a fully immersive experience to interact with the art being presented through the collaboration between RevArt’s artists -- Alexandra Chiou, Renée DeCarlo, and Usha Shukla -- and Phoebe Connell, owner and chef of Lois in New York City. Connell brought the culinary and fine art worlds together by developing recipes based on pieces of artwork by each of the artists.