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About RevArt

RevArt is a platform connecting artists with brands.

It started when our founder Patti worked on the brand side, she noticed it was challenging to find the right artists for her projects. “The art industry is more old-fashioned than we thought, and emerging artists were getting little support.” Patti said.

With the love of art and technology, we believe that technology will be the key to opening up more opportunities for emerging artists. Our mission is to make worldwide art accessible to everyone . We have attracted artists, partners and team members to join and together we share the same dream: disrupting and democratizing the art industry.


About revart
About revart

The Market

Driven by the middle-income families, emerging collectors, and Gen-Z, the art licensing market is growing rapidly, at a growth rate of 10% YoY. It is still an old-fashioned market that intersects little with technology. Despite the growing interests among brands and artists to work with each other, collaborations can be expensive, inefficient, and difficult to track the impact.

Our Solution

Finding a good image for design can be stressful; brands can search images they want through one single click using our AI Creator. Both brands and artists can get AI-enriched insight and marketing tools to advance their business. Lastly, we protect the transaction and intellectual property from both sides using blockchain.


We won the UVA of Virginia Ecup and attended UVA V-Lab Incubation to start our business.


We published our marketplace website in July, got the first fine artist on board with us.


We produced our AI CREATOR demo, and SMART ART MANAGER - a solution system designed for fine artists.


Viva Terra became our first brand client, and we collaborate on a special art project supporting female artists.


We are a group of artech fanatics graduated from top universities. Our team is an assembly of art, marketing, and technology gurus. We are a creative team continually questioning the status quo, and located globally from Charlottesville, Virginia, the Bay area, all the way to Shanghai, China.

Team Members

Patti Pan

CEO and Founder
Team Members

Max Liu

Chief Technology Officer
Team Members

Louis Tan

Chief Product Officer
Team Members

Ara Zhang

Product Marketing Lead
Team Members

Lee Li

Business Development Lead
Team Members

Jiacheng Li

Operation Lead
Team Members

Dan Shi

Product Manager
Team Members

Sean Petersohn

UI UX Designer
Team Members

Meghan Coen

Marketing Intern

We enjoy creating something awesome. Come and join us.

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