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Our Smart Art Manager goes live now!

We always believe artists should have all the right to manage their own portfolios to grant them the freedom to create. It is our mission to create an efficient and inventive platform to enable our artists to manage their careers and keep transparency with their commercial contracts. Introducing our Smart Art Manager, or SAM - live now on RevArt’s website!


Q1: What is Smart Art Manager?

SAM (Smart Art Manager) is a solution system designed for fine artists who want to manage their own careers and art business in a more efficient way. The platform provides different tools to act as studio manager, art agent, accountant, and IT. It also helps protect artists’ intellectual property with advanced technology.


Q2: What’s the goal of RevArt’s Smart Art Manager?

Answer: The ultimate goal of SAM is to:

  • Provide artists a self-managed platform to decide which IP works are available for commercial collaboration or online promotion
  • Grant artists the autonomous right to their career growth by protecting Artist IP through watermark technology and original image secure archiving.
  • Create more efficient communication between artists, RevArt, and business partners
  • Assist RevArt to better understand their artists and markets in real-time to seek the best opportunities to promote our artists
  • Foster the transparency of contract implementation and payment


Q3: What are the current features of SAM?

  • Manage account information
  • Update career development preference
  • Update and manage artwork, IP, and inventory
  • Enable watermark and secure archiving


Q4: What are some upcoming features of SAM?

Answer: We are currently developing an Insight Dashboard that allows artists and the RevArt team to analyze audience traffic to plan and conduct specialized marketing strategies. The smart-tagging function allows our AICurator to match our artists to available business opportunities more efficiently.

It is important to note, however, this doesn’t take away artists’ right to customize their own tagging. A ticketing system would allow both the artist and RevArt to monitor each project status, and keep transparency and efficiency in communication. We continue to work on making our system as user-friendly to our artists as possible, and welcome artists’ feedback and ideas to improve the user experience design.


Q5: What are some challenges RevArt faces in developing the Smart Art Manager platform?

Answer: SAM is a completely groundbreaking technology in the art world, so we have to be innovative when designing the system. We talked to many artists, art business professionals, and software engineers for feedback, and kept modifying and updating the platform. Our system is designed to fulfill our mission by offering artists transparency and opportunities. Our Smart Art Manager is linked to our AICurator system, which helps brands to connect with our artists efficiently. We are curators and facilitators, and we want artists to control their careers. You are not only able to manage your artwork and profile, but also your contract and payment in the system. 


Smart Art Manager is created and designed for artists. We welcome feedback and suggestions on areas that would improve our system. If you want to offer your insights through a customer interview, please send an email to,  or check out our artist program to request a demo.

Photo by Marko Blazevic from Pexels


Photo by luis gomes from Pexels