Key Questions

Without having to put in additional effort or payment, artists collaborate with RevArt to earn extra income and enhance personal branding through commercial IP licensing to explore international markets. We empower artists to focus on artwork creation and career development.

RevArt is a technology-based global platform connecting artists with brands.

We believe that art is something that enhances life by encouraging expression through different types of mediums. Our mission is to help emerging artists succeed and transform the way people appreciate art.

It is a free platform for artists to advance their careers.

  • Optimize artists’ success through IP licensing for commercial use
  • Personalize artists’ branding strategies with our AI curator
  • Continually develop artists’ growth by our artist management system
  • Protect art IP through technology use
  • Artists sign up for free with RevArt
  • Vetting process completed in 5-7 working days after signing up
  • Qualified artists complete the onboarding process with RevArt
  • RevArt promotes the artists and their IP through RevArt’s global network
  • Brands find the artists or IP they want to collaborate with
  • RevArt facilitates the communication and collaboration between artists and brands
  • Artists get paid by IP royalties through their collaboration

We are a group of art lovers that believe in a world where art has no boundaries. Combined with more than 40 years of work experience in art, technology, and commercial brands, we cover the professional skills of marketing, sales, accounting, and product design while networking across the globe.

None, it is free. If your work is licensed, you will get paid. Only then will you pay us a commission fee.

If you would like to learn more or have additional questions, send an email to contact@revart.co . You can also send direct messages to our Instagram or Facebook and we will reply to you within 48 hours.

Other FAQs

1. Are you an online gallery?

No, we are not an online gallery. We help you manage, monetize, and protect your IP.

2. What happens if someone wants to buy my original artwork through RevArt?

We will connect you with the buyer and facilitate the transaction process.

3. Where is RevArt based?

RevArt has headquarters in Charlottesville, VA, U.S, and Shanghai, China.

4. How long has RevArt been in business?

RevArt started operating in 2019. Thanks to our experienced team, we have abundant expertise and an extensive network in the U.S. and China.

1. Who should apply?

We invite emerging, global artists who focus on painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, installation, and new media to apply.

2. Can artists living outside of the United States apply?

Yes. We are a global platform and welcome artists from around the world. Our team members can speak English and Chinese.

3. Why is there a vetting process?

We invest our resources in emerging artists without charging any fees in advance. We believe in our artists and have the philosophy that we can succeed when our artists succeed. To ensure that both parties succeed, we select artists to collaborate with based on how serious they are about their artistic careers.

1. Can I sell paintings through RevArt?

We are not an online gallery. If someone wants to buy your artwork, we will make the connection and facilitate the process. We will charge a 20% commission, which is much lower than the traditional gallery model. However, if you need help to sell and ship across borders to certain countries, we can provide more services and charge a reasonable additional commission.

2. Do you provide digital printmakers and print-on-demand service?

In certain countries, currently in China, we provide digital printmaker and print-on-demand service.

3. What types of brands does RevArt collaborate with?

RevArt collaborates with different brands in various industries, including fashion and luxury, cosmetics and beauty, technology gadgets, hospitality, retail, and commercial real estate. Your creation could be used for art exhibitions, art education, product designs, marketing events, and media coverage.

1. How is my IP protected?

You can protect your IP through physical, technical, and legal methods. At RevArt, we provide services for each of those three methods:

  1. We store your image in our safe server and prevent others from downloading them for free.
  2. We use blockchain and watermark technology to prove you are the owner of your IP.
  3. We collaborate with the world’s best attorneys to provide related services.
2. How will I market my IP?

RevArt will help you. We will use our algorithm to match the IP with different brands. We also have in-house art experts to facilitate the process. Naturally, we will promote as many artists as possible through social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WeChat) and offline channels (trade shows and industry conferences).

3. How will I manage my IP?

We help manage your IP. We act as your art consultants, but we are less expensive and more effective because we also empower the art industry by using technology.

4. Do I need to sell my IP?

No. You are the IP owner and you license the IP to RevArt for a certain period of time to be used in certain fields. RevArt is your personal IP manager and helps you license the IP to brands. The brands will have access to use your IP for a certain period of time or under specific conditions.

5. Does RevArt need an exclusive licensing right to my IP?

It is not necessary for the beginning. We want to ensure artists are exposed to as many brands as possible through our platform during the matching process. When brands choose to use your IP, we will need exclusive licensing rights with your work because 1. Usually, the brand will demand exclusive rights during the collaboration, and 2. RevArt will invest more resources in order to expand your IP to other industries and markets in order to create more opportunities for future collaborations.

6. How will RevArt pay for the artists after licensing out the IP?

We will split the royalty or commission fee. In most cases, it will be a 50/50 split. Artists can choose to be paid monthly/ quarterly/ after the contract completion.

7. Who owns the rights to my IP after licensing it out?

You are the IP owner. If you sign a licensing agreement with RevArt, we own the right to manage your IP. If a brand signs an agreement to lease the IP, it holds the right to use IP within restrictions.

8. Do I have the right to price my IP?

Yes, you do. But as your IP manager, RevArt will use data and industry knowledge to find the optimal pricing strategy for artists to negotiate with the brand.

9. Can I use a nickname for my IP and related collaboration?

Yes, some artists prefer a nickname for commercial collaboration. We can help you manage it just like a luxury company manages different brands targeting different consumers.

1. What should I do during the collaboration?

The only thing you need to do is sign up and provide information. RevArt will promote you in the market and take care of the communication and operation with brands. However, we expect that you engage more when we communicate with brands, as we might need your approval of your IP usage. We ask for your involvement because we want you to feel comfortable and satisfied with the collaboration.

2. Can I drop out if I change my mind?

Yes, you can before you sign the collaboration agreement with a brand. If you want to drop out after signing the agreement, it will depend on your specific contract. We might ask several questions before you drop out to hear your feedback and to improve our service to future artists.

3. Who can I contact if I still have questions about working with RevArt?

Please email contact@revart.co to schedule a 30-minute free consultation to clear up any further questions you might have. Thanks!