Common Questions

RevArt is the all-in-one hub for artists and art professionals, providing essential resources from inventory management to exhibition opportunities and education. Our mission is to support artists and amplify creativity.

Our artist program is designed to assist emerging artists with inventory management, portfolio development, and opportunity sourcing so that they can focus more on creation. By participating in the program, artists will gain access to either our scholarship program, which allows them to use RevArt products for free for a limited time, or to the RevArt agency, which will find art sales and public art projects for them.

Apply if you are an artist looking for a studio manager or an agent to help you organize your work, prepare you to sell to the market, or bring clients to you.

The program will last a year. Artists can stay after the program to work with us, which we will discuss then. We hope to establish long-term partnerships with artists.

No. We believe in the transformative power of long-term meaningful relationships. Our only source of income from members will be art commissions, which will range from 20% to 50% depending on the project. We hope that the artists succeed in the future so that we can succeed as well.

We welcome applications from all types of visual artists all over the world, including painters, sculptors, and digital artists. We also have other programs for different types of creators.

Other FAQs

If you receive a scholarship, you can create a website, set up e-commerce, manage inventory, and experiment with a variety of amazing art business management tools for free. We recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity to lay the groundwork for your art business and prepare for the next stage.

If you join the RevArt agency, one of our consultants will contact you to discuss your art and sales strategy. We will collaborate to find the next big project and client.

All artists are welcome to attend our free artist bootcamp and educational webinars. Professionals in the art industry will teach you more about selling art. You will also be able to interact with and form meaningful relationships with other artists and art professionals.

Yes! Check out our most recent exhibition opportunities and open calls. We prioritize our members for the opportunities.

It's an at-will program. We find that the best results come from artists knowing their next goal and discussing it with RevArt before working on it together. Artists who benefit the most from the program work extremely hard, attending webinars, completing assignments, and being eager to connect with supporters.

We can't make an artist do anything. We understand if artists want to take a break from their artistic career or if they want to try something new.

Yes, and we are delighted to do so. However, because we receive hundreds of applications each month, it is difficult to respond with feedback on decision letters. If an artist requests one, we always respond and are happy to discuss it with them.

Please email contact@revart.co or schedule a 30-minute free consultation here to further clear up any questions you might have. We also sometimes offer Ask-Me-Anything office hours; keep an eye on our event calendar.