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Many enterprises and organizations collaborate with artists to enhance their brand creatively and bring unique designs to their customers. However, good art consulting and curatorial services are typically not affordable or accessible to all brands. We solve the problem through standardizing and automating the world’s best-in-class art consulting service. Check how we do that:

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Beyond Canvas Artists X New York Chef from Lois
Hospitality · Event

Three stellar female artists, Alexandra Chiou , Renée DeCarlo , and Usha Shukla , collaborated with New York Chef Phoebe Connell for a special art showcase. Inspired by three different works of art, Phoebe Connell created three unique recipes for the event. The collaboration demonstrates to the audience that art is related to people’s lives and that artist can come in different forms.

Target X Randall Stoltzfus
Product · Bedding

Inspired by the painting of artist Randall Stoltzfus, Target.com launched a limited edition bedding collection - The AiRTM. The collaborating brought the art of a Brooklyn artist into thousands of people’s houses and delight their daily life.

North American Sake X Bernie McCabe
Brand · Design

Bernie McCabe, the first maze fine artist in America created a Sake Label for North American Sake. The unique maze art style Bernie McCabe mastered inject the brand fresh blood with the feeling of young, playful, and fashionable.

Across These Waters Alexandra Chiou, 2020
Moonrise Randall Stoltzfus, 2019
Academical Village (IX) Lauchlan Davis, 2020
Yarrow 07 Usha Shukla, 2020
Welcome To The Jungle Renée DeCarlo, 2020
Every Broken Girl Madeleine Rhondeau-Rhodes, 2020

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