Why should brands collaborate with artists? To:

  • Open up new markets and get noticed
  • Promote a cause and bond customers
  • Capture trends with unique ideas and designs
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How it works


Step One:

Tell us what you need for your art project


Step Two:

Search artwork and add it to your portfolio.


Start a contest and collect ideas from the artist community.


Step Three:

Continue your art project by collaborating with artists while being supported by us.

So, why us?

Global Artists

Global Artists

Work with the best visual artists and keep up with the latest trends in art.

AI Creator

AI Creator

Use our AI Creator to quickly get images, designs, and ideas you want and predict your art project’s success.

Safe trade

Safe trade

Ensure your designs and ideas are exclusive to gain a competitive advantage.

Easy to do

Easy to do

Follow a standard process and get support from us.

What is our AI Creator?

Do any of those sound familiar to you?

  • “Even though we know the trends, artists, and art agents, we still find it overwhelming to pick the best one for us.”
  • “We don’t know how to communicate with multiple artists and manage art projects.”
  • “It is so hard to find something both fresh and marketable.”
  • “We are worried that our competitors can find the same artist we collaborated with.”
  • “It sounds expensive to do an art project. Can I know my cost beforehand?”

AI Creator is our visual search software that helps you find the best artists and artworks easily, effectively, and efficiently. In a single search, you can search artworks that you want with multiple features, such as style, color, emotion, fan base, and market response.

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Pricing Table

* Speical Offer in 2021: All service fees are deductible for the royalty fee paid to artists


Access to global artists and view latest artworks.


free inspirations.


  • ✓ Online Gallery Access
  • ✓ Portfolio Management
  • ✓ Up to 20 art collections

Everything you need to collaborate with artists for your brands.

per project, deductible for the commission/licensing fee paid to artists until 2022.


Everything in Free and...

  • ✓ Up to 100 art collections
  • ✓ Lookbook access
  • ✓ Exclusive licensing right
  • ✓ High resolution pictures access
  • ✓ Press materials support


Dedicated creativity, communication, and design support for your business.

per project, deductible for the commission/licensing fee paid to artists until 2022

Everything in Basic and...

  • ✓ Unlimited art collection
  • ✓ Product mockup
  • ✓ Design workshop
  • ✓ Designated agent support
  • ✓ Business insights portal

Create the bespoke art project and get full support from us.


To get a price estimate, please contact our Sales team




    A designated team of art agents will help you curate and implement the art project, including planning, designing and implementation.