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RevArt and VivaTerra Announce Partnership to Launch Art and Nature Collection

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, Jun 22nd, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - RevArt, an art licensing startup connecting artists with brands, announced today a partnership with VivaTerra, a globally-inspired home and garden goods retailer with trend-forward, sustainable, eco-conscious design, to launch VivaTerra’s first artist collaboration. The collection will feature three outstanding female artists and their artworks.

The new collection is inspired by nature and landscape. Viva Terra prioritizes ethical and sustainable conduct, and it targets to further deliver its belief to its customers by collaborating with fine artists. RevArt’s artists Alexandra Chiou, Alexandra Cicorschi, and Usha Shukla will participate and bring some of their most iconic artworks to more homes in the United States.

The Art and Nature Collection includes limited editions of both artists’ original artworks and print works. The collection will be officially launched in the 2021 Holiday catalog and start online presale this summer. Every piece in the collection is unique, as every customer has an exceptional home. By working together, VivaTerra and RevArt share the contemporary and artisan-crafted aesthetic with VivaTerra’s consumers.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with VivaTerra in launching this new series and bring the joy of art to more people,” said Patti Pan, CEO of RevArt, “Our platform fully leverages artificial intelligence to match brands and artists worldwide and bring values to both sides. RevArt is always dedicated to creating values for brands through art inspirations.”

Since its inception in 2020, RevArt has more than thirty artists from three countries with 900 artworks on the platform and is constantly working with global artists, brands, and agencies on art IP licensing to make worldwide art accessible to everyone. “At VivaTerra, we always value the expertise and talent of artists and artisans around the world, and thus we are excited about our collaboration with RevArt.” said Alison Taylor, Product Development Manager at VivaTerra, “Those artists are talented, and we love their art. The artworks are beautiful. We cannot wait to bring them to our customers.”

About RevArt

RevArt is a platform connecting artists with brands. It started when our founder Patti Pan worked on the brand side, and she noticed it was challenging to find the right artists for her projects. “The art industry is more old-fashioned than we thought, and emerging artists were getting little support,” Pan said. With the love of art and technology, we believe that technology will be the key to opening up more opportunities for emerging artists. Our mission is to make worldwide art accessible to everyone. We have attracted artists, partners, and team members to join, and together we share the same dream: disrupting and democratizing the art industry.

About VivaTerra

VivaTerra was born on the coast of California in 2004 with a vision to provide an eco-friendly décor option at a time when there were few available. Our founders held a passionate belief that there was no need to compromise natural resources or environmental health in pursuit of a beautiful home. Blending modern Californian design, natural & eco-friendly materials, and global inspiration, the brand grew and developed its signature style. Relocated to the East Coast in Virginia since 2014, we now encompass the aesthetic values of both coasts and all of the beauty in between.

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