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RevArt Expands to Georgia, Opening an Exhibit that Brings Healing

On August 25, 2022, RevArt opened their first gallery in the southeast in collaboration with Ascent Peachtree, a property owned and operated by Greystar. It is a bold test for both companies to activate the space and build the community in a new way.

It is the second gallery partnership RevArt has with Greystar. RevArt’s goal is to open galleries in unconventional locations in order to provide unique experiences for its audiences and to support artists. Ascent Peachtree, which opened in October, is an ideal location for RevArt to realize its vision. Ascent Peachtree, a brand new luxury apartment that reflects Greystar's new concept, aims to revitalize Atlanta's downtown area and provide a one-of-a-kind living experience for its residents. They place a high value on building a community where people can connect with one another..

With Ascent Peachtree's unique design and brand positioning, both parties agree to focus on contemporary works and build a high-end gallery. RevArt also intends to bring more art talks, workshops, and events to the venue.

The first exhibition Art, A Modern Medicine at Ascent Peachtree in Atlanta, Georgia is an exhibit featuring the work of Aida Murad and Bob Stonehill. Murad began her artistic career as a result of her rheumatoid arthritis, turning to painting as a means to heal and combat the struggles brought on by the disease. Stonehill, on the other hand, communicates love and happiness through his abstract works, encouraging the viewer to use their minds to make sense of what they cannot define. Both artists work with the ideas of healing and life, concepts that are central to the theme of this exhibition.

Art, A Modern Medicine focuses on the healing properties of art, exploring the importance of art in life for people of all backgrounds. From this first exhibition, we can learn more about RevArt and Ascent Peachtree's vision and ambition. Traditionally, art has been regarded as a luxury rather than a necessity, but in the past two years, COVID has taught us that there is more to living than just shelter and food. In the words of curator Patti Pan, “Paintings, music, films, and books inspire us to think and reconnect with the world. Art forces us to establish a link between our minds and our bodies. It is A MODERN MEDICINE.” 

The opening reception in August was a great success, which attracted more than 100 people to attend. People enjoyed viewing and interacting with artists. Many audiences were deeply moved by the exhibition and the stories behind those art creations. One audience member who is also a resident of Ascent Peachtree said: “Whoever was responsible for bringing this event to the property, THANK YOU!! So creative, special, beautiful & appreciated. Our building is, among other wonderful things, now a gallery 😍😍🥰🥰.” Audiences can’t wait to attend the next event and see the next show which many of them asked about. 

The opening reception was a chance for the public to view the artwork, hear the artists’ stories, and engage with and appreciate the art. The artists shared their raw and real emotions, their struggles and triumphs, fostering a feeling of vulnerability and connectedness. The typical 30-minute artist talk turned into a 45-minute talk because of the audience’s eagerness to ask questions and even had to be cut short.

This exhibit is one of many to come that will introduce high quality to the community and support artists, gathering an appreciation for the healing and unifying properties of art.

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