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Art, A Modern Medicine

RevArt is pleased to announce Art, A Modern Medicine, an exhibit featuring the work of Aida Murad and Bob Stonehill. The exhibition consists of paintings that were created with the intention of inspiring and healing. There is a beauty and provocation behind these artworks that become more meaningful with the stories the artists are telling and the ability to relate to them as a viewer. Art is more than just a luxury. It is a means that enables us to reflect and connect our minds and bodies. It aids us in reconnecting with the world and those who share in the experience. 

Aida Murad is an artist, healer, and intuitive coach who uses art to facilitate people’s healing and inner expansion. She herself began her art career after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Art became a light for her in the shadow of her disability. Now, after having healed, she hopes that her art can serve as a light to others, helping them feel heard and loved. Murad paints with her fingers rather than paint brushes, demonstrating to herself and the world that she is not defined by any dysmorphia. One of her favorite pieces in this exhibition is My Heart Is Alive. It demonstrates her finger painting techniques and meticulous color layer planning, providing a relaxed, whole, happy, and playful mood.

Bob Stonehill is an abstract artist who paints in a unique style, experimenting with new ideas and techniques to expand one’s own perception and vision. Stonehill’s designs focus on the concept that people perceive things differently. In his abstract work, many people notice different things, influenced by their own unique history and experiences. Stonehill sometimes purposely does not title his works, allowing the viewer to tell him what they see, using their minds to make sense of things they cannot define. He brought one of his favorite pieces from his studio: Keys To Love. The piece is made of antique skeleton keys that artists have collected over the years. There is one lock inside of Love that is currently open. The collector will own the key to this lock and will be able to lock and unlock his/her love.

Both artists’ work challenges the viewer to examine themselves and explore their past and perspectives. Through their art, the viewer is able to experience psychological and physical healing.

You can view the exhibit at Ascent Peachtree in Atlanta, Georgia from August 26, 2022 to January 6, 2023. Get your directions here.