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Sparking Unprecedented Innovation Through The Espousal Of RevArt & Entrepreneurial Workspaces

(Inside of Guild Gallery)

Art mirrors the zeitgeist of the current and bygone eras that jibes well with the contemporary aficionados. One such venture that piqued the interest of the Charlottesville art-lover community is the conglomeration of affordable art and new-age real estate ventures. 

We are indeed referring to the unprecedented serendipity resulting in the realization of the Guild Gallery. For the uninitiated, allow us to walk you through the concept.

Where there is inspiration, creativity flows as a byproduct, and from unhindered creativity, pure joy results which ultimately improves productivity. Based on the common vision from collaborators James Barton and Patti Pan (founders of Vault Virginia and RevArt, respectively), the Guild Gallery was born. So far, two bespoke exhibitions have been hosted in the past four months garnering huge public support and appreciation. 

People can now enjoy stimulating workspaces with interactive skill-enhancing interdisciplinary workshops and take home affordable art. It is truly a wonderful combination of providing underrepresented artists with the platform and revenue they deserve while also providing the local community with the opportunity to interact with best-in-class hybrid workspaces.


The Need For Enhancing User Experience By Going Beyond Traditional Work And Living Spaces

In the digital era that has enveloped and influenced our lives, the way we work has changed. In the pre-pandemic era, we used to commute to work daily, chit-chat with colleagues over the famous “water-cooler,” our work-lives have now become restricted to the four walls of our residence with meetings taking place over Zoom calls instead of face to face discussions. 

As we slowly resume pre-covid life, people need to be lured into their workplaces. They need to be given an inspiring, stimulating experience that engages all their senses. This is where real-estate moguls are trying all possible options to present irresistible workspaces replete with innovative pieces of affordable contemporary art. 

Ventures like the Guild Gallery offer just that and more. Visitors to the Guild can indulge in multisensory experiences offered by gallery artists in the physical space offered by Vault Virginia. In addition to the quarterly rotating exhibition events, visitors can also partake in community soirees such as uninhibited creative jamming sessions, skill-enhancing workshops, and the likes of such awe-inspiring immersive ventures. 

(Inside of Guild Gallery)

Achieving Shared Goals By Realizing Fruitful Collaborations

When shared vision meets seamless execution, wonders are bound to happen! Our case in point is no different. The Pan and Barton collaboration weaved immersive gallery experience into physical spaces with the requisite dimensions. 

Culture and society found a beautiful form of expression in this bespoke amalgamation. RevArt realized its passion for bringing the perfect platform to deserving creators, and Vault Virginia found the perfect partner to empower people with inspiring and out-of-the-box workspaces. Simply put, it helps people flex their creative muscles with the best!


Tried And Tested Benefits Of The Innovative Collaboration Between Vault Virginia And RevArt

Two exhibitions have been hosted so far. The first was with the pop artist Bernie McCabe. He cracked into the viewer's psychology by creating, conceptualizing, and realizing thought-provoking, conversation-inspiring maze art. Unconventional and popular elements in art pieces are bound to generate interest among visitors.

The second exhibition is the work of a group of local female artists that aesthetically showcases the fable of "Nature, Us, and The Future." Our environment is what molds us into the individuals we truly are. This collection renders a unique feminine perspective to the environment that ensconces our very being.

The opening event attracted close to two hundred attendees in a town, home to 47.1K people. The remarkably positive turnout can be largely attributed to the highly engaging nature of these exhibitions - people could interact and touch with the artworks on display and engage in interesting conversations with the curators as well! Truly a concept worth emulating.


Some of the interesting comments that got us all pumped up to host such events in the future include;


“It’s like experiencing the New York vibe in C’ville.”

“The positive energy of the venue matches the interactive and wholesome vibe of the artworks on display!”

“Looking forward to more such sessions with artist interactions.”



There is a reason behind real-estate ventures housing and hosting art events. Saying that the two share an inherently symbiotic relationship will be more relevant. Art renders an air of exquisiteness, breathes perspective into walls, contributes to brand enhancement, increases traffic, and, consequently, revenue. 

Much as in the segment of luxury real estate, buyers are known to show interest in and be well acquainted with the works of contemporary art. Promising artists who struggle to find the perfect platform to showcase their best works benefit immensely. Art also has the ability to highlight spaces, nooks, and crannies that might be hidden from visitors’ eyes. People can thus tour unparalleled architectural delights while exploring impressive artwork installations. This spells good revenue and exposure for both the artists and the real estate firms. 

(Exhibition Opening)

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