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Artist Spotlight: Bernie McCabe

Life is a maze, and people do their best to get from where they "Start" to the "Finish" they strive towards. As the first fine maze artist in the United States, Bernie McCabe continues to bring surprises to his audience. His maze paintings are filled with characters, mottos, and lettering. His passion is visible in his attention to detail and his work as a whole. His audience has high levels of engagement as they tend to find his work fun, original, and creatively impressive.

Bernie has been fascinated with maze since he was a little kid. In his mid 20's, a curious desire to paint mazes started burning inside him. He painted his first piece in 2014, which attracted thousands of people's attention. Now, his work can be found in museums, books, galleries, private collections, and as giant murals in various cities, all of which inspire creativity and give the viewer a sense of wonder.



Why are you so creative and energetic?

"Mazes are how I see the world...I see all the different maze pathways I could take, and I choose the one that inspires childlike wonder, is fun, and full of artistic expression."


Bernie applies his talents in different areas and keeps trying new things. He conveys a positive attitude towards his audience, especially when they face a twist in life."


Why did you decide to collaborate with RevArt?

“RevArt provides me with excellent opportunities and marketing assistance in the notoriously complex art world. I can focus on creating while they work on my behalf to get my work in front of prospective brands and clients.” 


How do you see yourself as a full-time fine artist in the next five years?

“I see myself solidifying my style of art while painting more large scale murals, working with brands on creative collaborations, and having domestic and international shows. 


Artist Highlights:

  • "From Start to Finish: The Art of Getting There" a coffee table book published in 2020
  • Chateau d'Orquevaux Artist Residency, Orquevaux, France, 2019
  • Solo exhibition in Charlottesville, VA, 2019 Four groups shows in the east coast, U.S. 
  • Three Murals
  • Five publications: