After Rain

Price: TBC

Size: Not Available Medium: drawing,sculpture Material: Oil on Canvas Frame: Not Framed

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About The Artwork

Year: 2021 Style: abstract Description: test Need Help? Contact

About The Artist

Tomie Deng
Tomie Deng
Fine Art Artist
san jose, CA, United States
Tomie Deng

Tomie Deng received her MFA from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, specialized in oil painting. She currently is based in Guangzhou, China.

By creating a symbolic expression-tomie in her painting, Tomie Deng depicts hidden desires and despairs in people's sincere hearts. Tomie is bold in her paintings and, in such a way, expresses the Chinese younger generation's attitude. Through this, she communicates with her audience to "be the bravest version of yourself." Tomie Deng is a successful uprising contemporary fine artist in China; her artworks have been exhibited in more than 40 art shows. She grows her popularity, especially in big cities and among the younger generations.