Cecilia Andino_Amando a Marta III

Price: TBC

Size: Not Available Medium: collage,painting Material: mixta sobre madera Frame: Not Framed

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About The Artwork

Year: 2023 Style: abstract,modern,pop art Description: Marta Minujín is an Argentine plastic artist, known worldwide for her avant-garde works. The artist protects a multiplicity of color ranges, mostly fluorescent, like a good pop artist. It never goes unnoticed. Already from the choice of the shades of her wardrobe it is assumed that for the artist the color is not a fetish question, even a purely aesthetic decision. The color, the stridency, is her. It is inspired by it, in the use of the line as the main element of expression, followed by vibrant colors, which direct the viewer's gaze in each of the works. Need Help? Contact sales@revart.co

About The Artist

Cecilia Lucia Lucia Andino
Cecilia Lucia Lucia Andino
Abstract;Modern;Others Artist
Pcia. Roque Sáenz Peña, Not, Argentina
Cecilia Lucia Lucia Andino

Master of Visual Arts, Professor of Visual Arts with orientation in Painting. Bachelor of Visual Arts from the National University of the Litoral.
I draw, paint and create for as long as I can remember. A phrase that marked me and me many: "you don't have to be an expert to be a great artist", a well-known program. Favorite subject since elementary school: plastic (obviously).
Participation in local, regional, provincial, national and international samples from virtuality. Participate and very active in local, regional and provincial culture.
The color, the mixture of materials, the collage and the reuse of many saved or "archived" works are part of my personal imprint.
Art, like society, constantly seeks to reinvent itself; adapting to the context in which it is immersed.
Art can be a great communicator when it comes to expressing, dialoguing, giving an opinion, thinking, acquiring knowledge, concepts, among other aspects.
Art is for everyone.