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About The Artist

Kathryn Wingate
Kathryn Wingate
Fine Art Artist
Charlottesville, VA, United States
Kathryn Wingate

The Infinity World Inside Us

One may look to the outside world to understand the boundary between finitude to infinity--sailing towards the ocean, flying to the moon, or immersing oneself in others’ stories. However, in the world that Kathryn Wingate depicts, the infinity exists inside of every one of us.

We are always being defined, and even trapped, by our physical bodies, but the inner worlds that reflect the most authentic cores of ourselves hardly get a chance to be seen. So, in Kathryn‘s human body and portrait series, she releases consciousness and blurs the boundary between finite shapes and infinite minds.

All of her characters look real and tranquil but have some parts of their body missing-- which symbolizes that her characters are like us in that we are all imperfect. She replaces the missing space with huge color blocks and bold lines to challenge the boundary between the physical body and the spiritual world; she uses colors and graphic shapes to deliver the initially missing emotions from the characters.

There’s no perfect finiteness, and there is never an ideal infinite abstraction that fits everyone’s imagination, but the contrast between realism and surrealism that Kathryn depicts creates a sense of reverie. It may remind you of introspection, dreams, and a world of whimsical; you may see strangers, a good friend from the old days, or at the end of the day, we all see ourselves. We are all not perfect, but the infinite world inside makes us complete.