Flood (1/2) Day

By   Sha Li

Price: TBC

Size: 18.0 x 24.0 x 1.0 in Medium: prints Material: Giclee print on 340 gsm Epson Cold Press Natural Frame: The original is framed, but the print is not.

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About The Artwork

Year: 2020 Style: illustration Description: Sha created this piece after she saw the floods in southeastern China during pandemic 2020. This project captures the quiet moment when the hand of fate is about to move. At night, the darkness under the water is a reverse world filled with the mystery of life and death. The print size without frame is 11.75'' x 17.68'' The artwork is on exhibition at Guild Gallery during the fall, 2022. Need Help? Contact sales@revart.co

About The Artist

Sha Li
Sha Li
Others;Fine Art Artist
Brooklyn, NY, United States
Sha Li

Sha Li is an award-winning illustrator, artist and architect working and living in NYC. She has a strong interest in narratives, which is where she started her own exploration of visual arts. A lot of her works celebrate femininity and womanhood. Her works capture sections of life and unfold hidden stories that are yet to begin.

Coming from an architecture background, Sha is trained to work with completion and certainty. But she always find beauty in half-told stories, unfinished lyrics, unspoken words, etc. She understands that no single straight line can depict her emotions, convey her feelings on the blueprint. Then she start to draw her own narratives.

Sha Li is obsessed with the ambiguity of visual narratives that raise questions to the audience without leading them to a definite answer. Instead of finding answers, she is more interested in the process of unfolding the questions. Through her work, she sees her hidden self, makes peace with her struggles, and knows who she is.