Grey Orbs

Price: TBC

Size: Not Available Medium: Acrylic, Ink, Graphite, and Metal on Wood Material: nature Frame: Not Framed

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About The Artwork

Year: Not Available Style: fine art,abstract Description: Inspired by the headline of the Bubonic Plague. I riffed off the image of the plague under the microscope, finding the beauty in the image. Need Help? Contact

About The Artist

Rose Brown
Rose Brown
Abstract, Modern Artist
Scottsville, VA, USA
Rose Brown

A Gem Hidden in Nature

Since she was young, Rose Brown had her own way of contemplating nature’s forces and reflecting them in her art. She uses the energy of the landscape, as well as organic paints, tools, sticks, stones, and handmade brushes to capture those ethereal colors and whimsical gestural movements. The result is a strong conversation between the artist and the elemental powers of nature, suspending movement in time. Her surfaces swim with the energy of colors. These colors are interwoven with movements that push towards the philosophy of balance, nature, and humanity, imbuing her artwork with the force of “life’s energy”.

Besides the art style, Brown is the best interpretation of "A Gem Hidden in Nature". Brown keeps her identity mysterious and hidden. Some rumors say that she is an established artist and Rose Brown is her pseudonym. Brown wants the audience to focus on her artwork. “People should appreciate art itself. Any other things, including the artist’s name, will affect such pure interaction between art and its audience”, she said. Brown’s art is variable and unpredictable, as you perceive nature. Do you still deem knowing her in person that essential?