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Size: 24.0 x 30.0 in Medium: painting Material: Spray Paint and Oil on Canvas Frame: Not Framed

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About The Artwork

Year: 2020 Style: pop art Description: Ever doubt your existence? “I think, therefore I am” is a philosophical line of reasoning first put forth by René Descartes. How can one know that anything, including one’s self, actually exists rather than being some sort of dream or phantasm? The act of recognizing one’s own thoughts is a way of identifying one’s existence. You cannot be thinking of existence if you did not already exist, hence “I think, therefore I am.” Need Help? Contact sales@revart.co

About The Artist

Bernie McCabe
Bernie McCabe
Pop Artist
Northfield, NJ, United States
Bernie McCabe

Bernie McCabe is a contemporary maze artist who lives and works in Richmond, VA. “Maze Artist” is McCabe’s preferred title as everything he makes is a fully solvable, start-to-finish maze. His mazes can be found on canvas, wood, T-shirts, skateboards, shoes, buildings, parking lots, and in museums.

Bernie is drawn to mazes for their complexity and for their ability to visually mirror the feeling of being lost with so many directions to choose from. He presents life as a maze that needs to be navigated as the main theme in his work, whether that be navigating an existential crisis, navigating pop culture, or navigating the nuances of love.

Bernie’s hope is that his playful and interactive artwork serves as encouragement for people to solve their own maze and get where they want to be, regardless of how many dead ends they run into along the way.