Money Grab

Price: TBC

Size: Not Available Medium: painting Material: Spray paint, oil, and acrylic on canvas. Frame: Framed

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About The Artwork

Year: 2019 Style: pop art Description: This maze features the iconic Monopoly Man, a.k.a Rich Uncle Pennybags, who hangs from his cane on a maze pathway being weighed down by a heavy bag full of money. All around him dollar signs signify how the opportunity to make money is everywhere, you just have to work hard and grab it! Need Help? Contact

About The Artist

Bernie McCabe
Bernie McCabe
Pop Artist
Northfield, NJ, United States
Bernie McCabe

Bernie McCabe is a contemporary maze artist who lives and works in Richmond, VA. “Maze Artist” is McCabe’s preferred title as everything he makes is a fully solvable, start-to-finish maze. His mazes can be found on canvas, wood, T-shirts, skateboards, shoes, buildings, parking lots, and in museums.

Bernie is drawn to mazes for their complexity and for their ability to visually mirror the feeling of being lost with so many directions to choose from. He presents life as a maze that needs to be navigated as the main theme in his work, whether that be navigating an existential crisis, navigating pop culture, or navigating the nuances of love.

Bernie’s hope is that his playful and interactive artwork serves as encouragement for people to solve their own maze and get where they want to be, regardless of how many dead ends they run into along the way.