The Snow's Secret

Price: $395.0

Size: 14.0 x 11.0 x 0.1 in Medium: painting Material: Acrylic Inks On Paper Frame: Framed

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About The Artwork

Year: 2021 Style: abstract Description: Winter is not my favorite season, aside from the fun holiday events, but even I cannot deny that snow and ice are capable of great beauty. Close-up looks of a snowflake reveal symmetry and design that pass even strict aesthetic approval. But as I do with many pieces in this series, I wanted to draw them as little asteroids instead. Winter makes me reflect on the purpose of things, and sometimes the answer is just that something is pleasant. Drawing is pleasant to me, whether the artwork has a deeper meaning or not. Most of it doesn't. I just make the meaning up as I go along. Need Help? Contact

About The Artist

Hannah England
Hannah England
Fine Art;Others Artist
Charlottesville, VA, United States
Hannah England

The Wonderland in the Sky

Every child knows how to trace the outlines on the moon. Those ancient craters and old lava tubes are never just dark stretches, but the silhouettes of humans, rabbits, and the characters we read about in fairy tales. Even as adults, we love looking at the sky and thinking back to the wonderland of the old days, to stories and fables that spark our imaginations. Artist Hannah England brings this imaginary world to life in her artwork. While drawing in her early childhood, Hannah found her biggest inspiration in fairy tales and sci-fi stories. Rather than expressing her own stories in words, Hannah preferred drawing them out. She eventually found the ultimate wonder world in the expanse of space where the whimsical and mysterious can be born. In her abstract artwork series, Spacescapes, Hannah creates different colorful asteroid-like shapes with hollows and nooks made from vivid color combinations and unexpected contrasts. The details invite viewers to figure out where those asteroids might be from, and even what kinds of stories might be hidden beyond them. So don't be surprised if you find shadows of your own imagination or your real life. Just by looking at Hannah’s work, you are invited into the wonderland with her. Perhaps we are no longer the child looking up at the worlds far away, but we can still experience the whimsy of imagination and wonder no matter our age.