A gifted artist by the name of Doris Mangalu is creating waves in the world of art in the bustling city of Mwanza, which is located in Tanzania. Through her one-of-a-kind artistic practices, Doris has carved out a special place for herself, despite the fact that she has a foundation in science and a passion for creation. In addition to hand stitching, photography, and textile art, Doris's crafts are a demonstration of her artistic talent and dedication. Her creations range from sketches on manila paper to hand needlework.

A photo of Doris Mangalu in her exhibition.


The Mosaic Approach of Creation

The creative process that Doris goes through is an intriguing journey that demonstrates her inventiveness as an artist. When it comes to sketching, she uses a mosaic approach, in which she draws on smaller pieces of manila paper and then combines them together to produce a larger and more comprehensive image. This method not only gives her the opportunity to investigate a variety of viewpoints, but it also teaches her a valuable lesson about the importance of discovering significance, beauty, and worth in the various components that come together to form a masterpiece.


Hand Embroidery: A Journey of Patience and Discipline

Hand embroidery is yet another mode of expression that Doris is particularly skilled in. She uses a needle and thread to create intricate and captivating artistic expressions on cloth canvas. Due to the fact that each stitch contributes to the overall sense of texture and beauty of the artwork, this method requires a great deal of patience and discipline. Through the process of hand embroidery, Doris not only produces stunning pieces but also finds personal fulfillment in the discipline it has instilled in her.

Zanzibar Dhow by Doris Mangalu


Influential Artists and Artistic Inspiration

Even though Doris draws inspiration from a wide range of artists, one artist in particular who has had a significant influence on her work is Brianna McCarthy, a Caribbean artist who is well-known for her collages. The collages created by McCarthy, which are characterized by the use of various types of paper that are layered artistically to create portraits of women, have left an indelible impression on Doris. There are a variety of textures, patterns, and cultural themes that are present in McCarthy's work, and they have inspired Doris to experiment with a variety of artistic styles while still remaining true to her own identity.


Embracing Identity Through Art

In addition to being a way for Doris to encourage others to embrace their own identities, the artwork that she creates is a celebration of her African heritage. As a way of expressing the cultural influences that were a part of her upbringing, she incorporates distinctive tribal patterns into her creations. The beauty of Doris's African heritage is something that she believes should be shared with the rest of the world through the medium of art. The work that she creates serves as a potent reminder that there is beauty in accepting who we are and showcasing that acceptance through the passions and talents that we have.

Tribal Shield by Doris Mangalu, Embroidery Art Series.


Build A Sustainable Art Career

By virtue of the fact that she is a professional artist, Doris is aware of the significance of striking a balance between her artistic vision and the expectations of customers or patrons who commission her work. She allows her customers to express their preferences and desires by actively involving them in the creative process and allowing them to express themselves. Following this, Doris combines these inputs with her artistic style in order to produce a variety of ideas and templates from which the client can eventually select one. Both the client's expectations and Doris's artistic vision are guaranteed to be fulfilled through the utilization of this approach.

Dancing Tribal by Doris Mangalu


Current Projects and Future Plans

At the moment, Doris is engaged in the undertaking of an exciting project, which is a solo exhibition that will showcase her sketched mosaic work. To further advance her career as an artist, she will have the opportunity to showcase her talent through this exhibition, which will provide her with a platform. While Doris is getting ready for this exhibition, she is also investigating the most effective ways to display her large-scale artworks. She wants to make sure that they are captivating and inspiring to the people who see them.


Beyond Artistry: Community and Entrepreneurship

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Doris is a co-founder of a creative community known as Kambi Eden. This community provides a platform for artists and artisans to connect with one another, broaden their customer base, and grow their businesses. Doris has not only been able to gain valuable experience from this community, but she has also been able to provide others with the opportunity to share her creative and entrepreneurial abilities. Doris is an entrepreneur who uses the skill of crochet to create and sell handmade products. These products showcase her ability to incorporate one-of-a-kind patterns and materials.



Doris Mangalu is a distinguished artist who, through her one-of-a-kind creations, exemplifies the spirit of embracing one's identity. As an artist and scientist, Doris conveys a powerful message about the importance of embracing one's identity and discovering beauty in one's cultural heritage through the mediums of her sketching, hand embroidery, photography, and textile art. In the process of preparing for her upcoming solo exhibition and continuing to explore new artistic avenues, Doris's talent and vision have the potential to captivate and inspire art enthusiasts all over the world.