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Our New Version of Smart Art Manager is Online Now!

Managing all the business aspects while still focusing on art creation has not been easy - RevArt understands all these and prepares the new tool that helps artists better take care of artwork management and business insight.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Smart Art Management (SAM) system. In SAM, you can better manage inventory, add more details to your listed artworks, update your public showcase, get insights on collaboration and payment with partners, and get notified of the latest updates and collaboration opportunities from RevArt and its partners.

To log on to SAM, please first login or sign up on the RevArt homepage. You will automatically enter the new system.


  1. Manage Artwork 

In this tab, you can add your artworks here and set access to each piece.

  • Click on the drop-down menu and select “Upload artwork to provide detailed artwork information.
  • Click on “Pieces” and see your uploaded artwork.


  1. Manage Showcase

In the Showcase menu, we make updating showcase easy by allowing you directly editing your bio, listed artwork, and media news in one place.

  • Click “Bio” to edit bio, add story, and more information on your main showcase page.

  • Add artwork and additional media such as news, exhibition experience, and event information to attract brands. 



  1. Manage Income

More importantly, you can now track collaboration status, including income, inventory, sales, and agreement on the same page - no more hassle making excel, monitoring progress, and finding contracts. You can handle everything in SAM.


  1. Manage Agreements

In this tab, you see all the ongoing and closed contracts you have and sign the contract.


  1. Manage Your Profile

In the My Profile tab, all of the profile information you provided during sign-up is saved here. You can further update your contact information, partnership preference, and social media links and double-check if they are still aligned with your current status.


The SAM is constantly working to support RevArt artists as one of our top promises: empower you to focus on creating and advancing your career. As a result, we value any feedback that can help open up new opportunities for all of our artists. 


Smart Art Manager Open Call

How do you like the new system? Have an idea about how it can be improved? We are now calling for participants to join our first focus group for the new SAM system to solve the glitches you may have while managing your art business. Please sign up here or reply to to let us know if you are interested!


Important Notice

To make the transition experience smoothly, we will keep both the old and new versions of Smart Art Manager till the end of September 2020. You can choose the version when you log in. You can edit your information and data from both versions. 

If you have any questions, please send an email to, or use our Chat Box on our website. 

RevArt is a platform connecting artists with brands. We help artists focus on the creation and advance their careers.