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How To Leverage SMART Manager to Sell Your Artwork Online

In recent times, there has been a notable shift in collector preferences, with a growing inclination towards buying artwork directly from artists. To capture the trend, artists notice that it is essential to establish their own store, either offline or online. 

Thus, SAM developed its e-commerce feature recently. For those who have paid subscriptions to RevArt’s SAM, the e-commerce feature allows artists to do multiple things that would otherwise be difficult to do alone. Artists can display on the RevArt Online Gallery, set up their giclee print business, not have to worry about delivery operations such as cost and insurance, and generate income on original art sales! This is a new feature that RevArt is working on, so there are improvements and more to come in the future. 


Why Has Buying Directly from Artists Become Popular?


This emerging trend stems from several factors that appeal to collectors seeking a more intimate and authentic art acquisition experience. 

Firstly, purchasing artwork directly from artists allows collectors to establish a personal connection and build relationships with the creators themselves. This direct interaction provides a deeper understanding of the artist's vision, inspiration, and creative process, enhancing the overall appreciation and value of the artwork. Collectors also value the opportunity to acquire unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that may not be available through traditional galleries or art dealers. By purchasing directly from artists, collectors can access a wider range of artworks, including those by emerging artists or those outside the mainstream art market, fostering a sense of discovery and exclusivity. 

Additionally, buying artwork directly from artists often offers collectors the advantage of more competitive pricing, as they can bypass the additional fees and markups typically associated with galleries or intermediaries. This direct transactional model also enables collectors to support and contribute directly to the artist's career and artistic development, fostering a sense of shared investment and mutual growth. 

Ultimately, purchasing artwork directly from artists provides collectors with a unique and rewarding experience, allowing them to forge meaningful connections, acquire distinctive pieces, and actively participate in the artist's journey.


How Do Artists Benefit From Selling Directly to Collectors?


Things To Consider To Set Up A E-commerce As ArtistsAn artist can hope to make an income from their work, which they put all of their efforts and passions into, because it provides numerous benefits:

  • Financial Stability: Selling artwork provides a stable income and financial independence for artists.
  • Recognition and Validation: Selling artwork validates an artist's talent and brings recognition from buyers and the art community.
  • Artistic Growth: Selling artwork exposes artists to new perspectives, feedback, and opportunities for artistic growth.
  • Connection and Impact: Selling artwork allows artists to connect with individuals who appreciate their work and make a meaningful impact on viewers' lives.


The Stressors of Selling Artwork:

Selling artwork can be an exciting, but stressful time. There are many moving parts and logistics to sort out, such as: 

  • Preparing your work
  • Setting prices
  • Marketing yourself and drawing an audience
  • Solidifying deals
  • Contacting buyers

Artist stressed out by the selling artwork process

By Wavebreakmedia from Getty Images 


How can SMART Manager help?

We are here to meet the needs of our RevArt artists by providing support and customer service every step of the way. If an artist produces giclee prints, we will provide them with giclee print support. If an artist is selling artwork, we will provide them with shipping support. We are constantly trying to find more ways to help our artists succeed, and that’s where SMART Manager plays a role. 


Track, Manage, and Process

Tracking Artistic Transactions:

The Income tab within serves as a comprehensive tool for artists to monitor the financial aspects of their art business. This feature allows artists to gain insights into the buying and selling of their artwork, providing a clear picture of the revenue generated and the demand for particular pieces. By utilizing the Income feature, artists can make data-driven decisions and refine their artistic strategy to cater to market preferences, ensuring a more successful and profitable venture.


Streamlining Order Management:

One of the key components within the Income feature is the Orders section. Here, artists can view and manage the orders submitted by clients for the purchase of their artwork or services. The Orders section provides artists with a centralized platform to access all accumulated orders, allowing them to efficiently monitor the status and progress of each transaction. Artists can review information on specific orders, such as order details, payment status, and delivery status, ensuring a streamlined and organized approach to order management.


Effortless Payment Processing:

RevArt brings forth a seamless and secure payment process for artists. The Payment feature within SAM enables artists to receive payments for their artwork or services. Once an order has been fulfilled, artists can track the payment process within the Payment section, providing transparency and peace of mind. With RevArt's reliable payment infrastructure, artists can focus on their artistic endeavors, knowing that their financial transactions are handled securely and efficiently.


How can my work get more exposure?


Empowering Artists with a Storefront:

The importance of the Income feature lies in its ability to provide artists with a way to track their virtual storefront, facilitating the buying and selling of their artwork. Artists now have a powerful platform to showcase their creations and manage the entire sales process. By leveraging the Income feature, artists can gain control over their artistic ventures, create a personalized storefront, and foster connections with a global audience.

By Kaspars GrinvaldsLaptop computer with artist portfolio on screen


Seizing Exciting Opportunities with RevArt:

We bring forth a host of exciting opportunities for artists. RevArt's support and infrastructure ensure that artists can focus on their creative journey while harnessing the power of SAM to manage their sales, track payments, and establish a strong online presence.