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RevArt and Announce Partnership Protecting Art Intellectual Property Through Blockchain

RevArt, a platform connecting artists with brands, is partnering with, a company working to provide blockchain certificates for education, to introduce blockchain certificates of licensing agreement to protect licensed artworks and commercial collaborations between artists and brands. Through this partnership with, RevArt hopes to provide more tools to protect the rights and benefits of both artists and brands. Blockchain certificates of artwork authenticity and licensing rights will make these collaborations more secure for both parties and more transparent on who owns the rights to a work. was created as a tool to design, manage, and issue certificates for education, such as diplomas or transcripts, making it a more secure, cost-effective, and efficient way to store and send those credentials. This partnership between RevArt and will utilize a similar concept and apply it to artworks and art licensing business, making it easier and more protected for artists and brands to collaborate. 

Blockchain is a potent tool that has become increasingly popular in the art world. While most news centers around the use of blockchain in reference to NFTs, blockchain has much broader and more valuable applications in the industry, particularly when it comes to artworks' copyright and design rights assignment. Blockchain creates permanent, secure records of transactions in the form of a public ledger, making it easy to determine ownership. A blockchain certificate is useful to both artists and buyers because it automatically verifies who created the art and who has the right to use the artwork. It protects the intellectual property of the artist and the rights associated with using the artwork. Additionally, blockchain allows contracts to be connected to a tokenized artwork; these contracts clearly and securely dictate how the artworks could be used, sold and what rights are contained within the token. 

By utilizing blockchain tokens and transactions linked to licensing agreements for artworks, RevArt and hope to provide another tool to protect and promote collaborations between artists and brands. 


Photo by Launchpresso on Unsplash