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Alexandra Cicorschi: Carving The Way

Trees are one of nature’s most essential and abundant aspects, and Alexandra Cicorschi understands the principle very well. That’s why, instead of paper, the artist uses wood in her art and concept demonstration. 

Cicorschi was raised in Romania during the 80s. A revolution had just taken place in the country, and life was unstable at the time. The family needed to reuse many materials due to the scarcity of the items. Her unique background enables the artist to excel at leveraging recycled materials. Later, when she moved to California, Cicorschi learned about how wood slabs in demolition sites can date back to hundreds of years. The slabs were calling her. The learning influenced her interpretation of the materials, leading to her experiments with those abandoned woods in her art.  

Materials are essential to Cicorschi and her methodology. She treats discarded materials as treasures that she can transform into something new and beautiful, while many people consider those as garbages that are old and should be discarded.  Because of her passion for nature, Cicorschi started using wood as her primary medium eight years ago. The scent and cutting sound of the wood give her comfort as she works in her studio.

Alexandra Cicorschi


But wood as a medium is difficult to work with. Cutting woods into suitable shapes and lines requires a lot of effort. Sometimes Cicorschi finds it hard to search for the right wood frames. However, once she discovers them and recreates them through cutting, arranging, and painting, she creates masterpieces full of colorful repeating lines and various details in the textures. 

One of the art pieces that reflect Cicorschi’s techniques is her work titled Lost Memory. The artwork was inspired by relevant moments in her life, all of which were integrated into a single piece. The pretty revolutionary work reflects the loss and distortion of Cicorschi's Memories. The spaces between the colorful lines represent the natural world, and the lines themselves represent infinity and the life cycle. 


Beyond the wood texture and the colorful lines, Cicorschi desires to incite and remind the viewer of a message: the natural world connects everything and all the corners around us. Wood is an ordinary material utilized in our furniture, tools, and dwellings. However, in Cicorschi’s hand, it has become an art material that prompts us to pay attention to ordinary things. “Beauty is everywhere. It is not that she is lacking to our eye, but our eyes which fail to perceive her.” 


Lost Memories, Alexandra Cicorschi, 2020