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Inside RevArt: Internship Experience

The art industry may look pristine, calm and relaxed, while tech industry may look urgent, passionate and tensed. What’s it like working at an Art Tech company, such as RevArt? This summer, we have some talented young professionals joined as interns. Out of passion for art, they contributed to the startup with their diverse skills. 

Let’s hear what they have said about their summer experiences. 

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash


What did you do this summer in RevArt? 

Andrew: “I’m a software engineering intern working mostly with the development team. On a daily basis, I mainly work on the second version of the smart art manager system, I’ve been learning JavaScript and implementing what we have in mind for the project.”

Caleb: “I work mostly with the website. So that will either deal with editing or working on the function of the website. I try to improve the functionality of the website or fix bugs to meet expectations for the long terms goals we have for the website.”

Lanyin: “I do different sorts of jobs in RevArt. Some cool tasks I have done is AI tagging, OKR report, and cold call to artists.”

Shelby: “As the marketing intern, much of my work is centered around social media. I have also worked on the lookbook that published on the website. I also visited studios with Patti and interviewed artists for our marketing materials.”

Vijay: “I am a software engineering intern. I am a master in Shanghai, China, and major in computer science. I develop the SAM V2 system in my daily routine.”


Why did you choose to work at RevArt? 

Caleb: “I came across it on handshake when I was looking for an internship for summer. My dad sent UVA’s intern accelerator to me, and I found it there. RevArt has two things I enjoyed- the technical side and the artistic side. I appreciated that sort of intersection, and I found that to be fascinating.”

Andrew: “I found RevArt through an internship program at UVA. They were looking for a software engineer intern. The job description stated that I would be working with Javascript, which was something new for me, which was why I applied. 

Lanyin: “I met Patti in Shanghai, and she introduced her company to me. I was interested in tech and the art company in general. I want to be an entrepreneur and build my start-up in the future, so this internship is a great experience for me.”

Vijay: “I know Max Liu through a friend. At that time, he was looking for interns for our company. I was interested in working with people all over the world. Finally, I became a part of our company after I passed an interview.”

Shelby: “I found the application through UVA handshake because of the Internship Accelerator Program. I figured it was a great place to start because I hadn’t had an internship before, so I was excited to see what it was like,  especially something focused on marketing. Marketing has always been something that sounded appealing to me because I really love art, and it was a great way to merge art and business. I thought it would be a great opportunity to venture into the marketing field and get real experience with that.”


What are some strengths you found while working at RevArt?

Lanyin: “This occupation improves my patience. For some work, it can be repetitive, especially in the technical aspects. Procrastination is a big issue of mine, but working in RevArt has helped me to overcome this.” 

Andrew: “One strength I developed is being on schedule and professionalism. Some meetings occur very frequently, and learning how to track everything and manage my time in preparation for them was a skill I strengthened.”

Caleb: “I improve on a lot of things. In the technical aspect, everything I’ve done is usually something that I build from the ground up, so I know it works. When I came to this internship, there was already an existing website, so it took me time to understand what I was trying to find and do. I learned how to navigate someone’s code and work with it. On the professional side, I improved on communication and working well with the team. Even though it’s remote, I’ve done a better job of taking the initiative and getting what I need from others. I learned to balance the needs of multiple parties and to try to figure out what each party needs. It has increased my confidence in my skills.” 


How has RevArt helped you grow in your career?

Vijay: “RevArt offers an opportunity about developing system and communication with people all over the world. It helped me become more and more professional in my major and improve my English proficiency.”

Shelby: “For starters, the technical aspects have improved for me. I learned how to keep things organized for myself to get things done by the due date. Sending emails and setting zoom meetings also helped my professional skills. Getting the feedback was helpful as I was able to think about the practical aspects of marketing, such as considering the cost to print certain designs. Working with technology like Facebook was something I learned in RevArt. The marketing aspect is, I like art as well, and if I want to do something as a freelancer I can to create mockups and useuse those skills to help with that.”

Photo by Fatos Bytyqi on Unsplash