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Interview about RevArt's Exhibition Nature, Us, and the Future

With a female co-founder and half of RevArt's members being female, we always want to organize an exhibition from a female perspective. This spring, we gathered six talented local female artists in Virginia and presented the new exhibition "Nature, Us, and the Future" at the Guild Gallery.

WTJU interviewed two of the artists involved in the exhibition, Christen Yates and Judith Ely, as well as RevArt's CEO and Founder, Patti Pan, prior to the opening reception.

About the Exhibition:

Nature's realistic and familiar shapes can provide a release of tension, particularly during COVID. A tree, a garden, or a mountain scene can transport us to a more tranquil state of mind. That is why it is referred to as Mother Nature. This spring, Guild Gallery invites six distinguished Virginia female artists to exhibit their observations and thoughts on nature.

The exhibition will include more than 60 artworks, which will be divided into three chapters:

  • Chapter One: "Nature" depicts beautiful scenes surrounding us.
  • Chapter Two: “Us” reflects artists’ thoughts on our relationship with nature.
  • Chapter Three: “The Future” addresses the question “What’s next?”.

The exhibition will be on public view from Feb 4th - Apr 15th, 2022. Make your appointment at the Guild Gallery here.,_Us,_and_The_Future