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Proven Strategies for Artists to Win Over Interior Designers and Art Consultants

The art world is full of competition. As an artist, it can be challenging to ensure your artwork stands out from the rest. While you may have the talent, it takes more than just skill to be certain that interior designers, art consultants, and other art buyers will look your way. So, how do you get your work seen and appreciated in the right places? 

In this blog, we'll provide insights into how to use our leads to create art that resonates, differentiate among consultants and designers, and stand out from the competition. So get ready to discover the most successful methods for engaging your prospective clients.

Interior designer vs. art consultant: what's the difference and why are they interested in artwork?

Interior designers and art consultants are essential in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces. But while both professionals work to improve the appearance of an area, there are some critical differences between them.

When designing a room, an interior designer looks at it as a whole, focusing on how it works and how comfortable it is. But an art advisor's job is to find the right piece of art to improve the look of any space. 

Interestingly, the global interior design market is expected to reach $213.7 million in the coming years. So, this exponential increase in the interior design industry compels designers to look for skilled artists. As an artist, how can you get connected with an interior designer to start your career? 

Here is where art consultants come in. They have the ability and resources to connect artists with the right companies. Their vast network, resources, and skills help businesses find the perfect artists for their projects. So, the essentiality of art consultants to the success of firms is undeniable. 

Let's discover more about how artists can connect with art advisors and interior designers to kickstart their careers.

4 Actionable methods to approach art consultants and interior designers 

Contemporary art has taken the world by storm. You'll see it in public places, restaurants, homes, and commercial buildings. But you need strong relationships with art consultants and interior designers to get into the market. Here are the four best ways for artists to approach them for maximum output. 

1. Create a portfolio

Before you talk to interior designers and art consultants, you should make a portfolio of your work that shows your style and artistic vision. 

2. Find the right person

The next step is to find the right interior designer to pitch your work to. Research the professionals in your local area and find out who has the most influence and is the most active in the field. Once you've found a target, you can reach out to them through their website or email to tell them who you are and what you have to offer. 

3. Be prepared to represent yourself and your art 

Once you've talked to a potential interior designer or art consultant for the first time, it's important to know how they work and be ready to talk about your art in detail. 

4. Be creative with your pitch

Finally, you compete with many other artists for their attention when you approach your target. So be sure to make a strong impression with your portfolio and be ready to discuss your artwork in detail. It can be a make-or-break situation for your future art career. So, being creative, sophisticated, and a problem solver can help you win over art designers and consultants easily.

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What do interior designers want from artists?

As an artist, you know that your work is the centerpiece of any interior design project. Because of this, it's important to know what interior designers look for in art when they choose pieces to use in their designs. So, let's get straight into the details. 

1. Quality art: the need of the hour

An interior designer will always prefer touchy, spectacular, and high-quality art for interior design. So, hone your skills, prepare to present your work, and be ready to win over an interior designer. 

2. Impress with aesthetics and diverse artwork

Interior designers need diverse artwork in terms of style, medium, and subject matter. If an artist provides different backgrounds and different types of paintings, interior designers can bring a unique and exciting design to the space. 

3. Learn the art of cohesion in design

Artwork that works together to create a unified and cohesive look is undoubtedly impressive. A common mistake made by artists is to create artwork that stands out too much from the rest of the design, creating a disconnect in the space. So, always try to present cohesive, unified, and connected work. 

4. Use the power of timeless art

Artists' work should stand the test of time and not quickly become outdated. Investing in timeless artwork helps to ensure that the design remains relevant for years to come. Try working on creating pieces that become classics in the long run.

5. Create art that sparks an emotional response!

Art that elicits an emotional response can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the space. Therefore, interior designers always chase artwork that evokes emotion in the viewer. 

6. Possibilities with Flexible Artwork

The designers desire artwork that can be relocated and rearranged easily as needed. Artwork that is too heavy or large to carry around can make it challenging to switch out and change the design of the space. Keep the size and shapes in consideration while creating your paintings.

These are just some things that interior designers want from artists when incorporating their artwork into a space. By understanding and meeting these needs, you can get their undivided attention, which can be a stepping stone for your art career. 

How to win over art consultants

Art consultants play a key role in the art industry by acting as the bridge between artists and buyers. They are the experts who help buyers and interior designers find the right artwork to match their needs. At the same time, they create an environment where artists and collectors can come together to create meaningful relationships and share their love for art.

In addition, art consultants are experts at skyrocketing an artist's business by upgrading them, making connections, and putting their work out for recognition. They then help their clients discover these artists; thus, everyone gets what they want. But how do art consultants choose among thousands of artists, and what do they want from them? Let's dig a little deeper!

1. Artists with portfolios

When looking for artists to represent, art consultants prefer those with solid portfolios, strong CVs, and a professional attitude. Portfolios and CVs should demonstrate an artist's ability to create art that meets the client's needs. Make sure you have a killer portfolio that represents your work.

2. Open to feedback

Art advisors want to work with artists who are interested in the art world and open to feedback and constructive criticism. 

3. Committed to work

Art consultants want to make sure that the artists they work with are passionate, determined, and dedicated to their art. They know that ultimately, only dedicated artists succeed in their careers. Thus, if you are just a seasonal artist, the art advisor may not want to consider you.

So, you can improve your chances of success by learning what art consultants want and making sure your portfolio fits those needs. 

RevArt is also one such art consultancy that is always on the lookout for brilliant artists. It is a unique platform that connects artists with a wide range of possible opportunities, such as selling art pieces and prints, showing art in exhibitions, working on public art projects, starting licensing and merchandising businesses, and more.


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Where do interior designers look for art for their clients?

No two designers approach art in the same way. Some frequent art galleries, while others find them too costly. Others seek emerging talent at art shows and prefer to keep things local. Interior designers need to have a large network of contacts because they need to find and buy art consistently and at a certain price point. It includes art consultants, gallery owners, warehouses, exhibitions, and artists. You can be part of this network, but how do you get "in"?

RevArt has the perfect solution for artists. With our many ways to promote, you can show off your art and get people to notice you. We can help you promote your art through gallery shows and a large network of partners. Take advantage of these opportunities to share your creativity with the world. And don't forget to check out our artist program to kickstart your art career today