Mark Russell Jones is a highly skilled artist based in Los Angeles, California. His artistic journey began after he studied design at the California College of the Arts. It was during a summer spent in Madrid that he realized his true passion for painting, prompting him to pursue this form of expression. Jones has since become a renowned painter whose work has had a profound impact on others. He discovered the rewards of teaching art while working at a private art school in Hollywood, where he was able to share his knowledge of art movements and inspire students to pursue their own creative passions.



Mark Russell Jones' childhood in Santa Maria, California, was a formative influence on his life and work as an artist. Growing up, he spent much of his time working on his father's farm, an experience that instilled in him a strong work ethic and a connection to the natural world that he continues to draw upon in his paintings. Jones' memories of the scenery around his small town, including the sand dunes and vast horizons, have inspired many of his artistic creations.

Even as a child, Jones' talent for drawing was recognized by his teachers in Catholic school, where he often included his own visuals in any work he turned in. These early experiences encouraged him to pursue art as a career, eventually leading him to attend art school after his daughter was born. Jones' childhood experiences continue to influence his work, as he draws upon his memories of the landscape and the people he knew to create emotionally resonant pieces of fine art that reflect his deep connection to his roots.


Jones' Design Background and Transition to Painting 

Mark Russell Jones sees his design background as a stepping stone towards painting, as he believes that the compositional knowledge he acquired is an essential element in both mediums. He believes that painting is one of the most challenging art forms, but he feels connected to humanity and history when creating art, as he sees it as a primitive form of expression.

Jones' work is continually evolving, and the styles of his paintings often build off one another. He considers "Come to Light," a piece he created for his first collection, to be the moment when he discovered his artistic voice. The artwork holds a special place in his heart because it represents a difficult time in his life. Shortly before his father passed away, Jones created the painting, and it reminds him of the emotional turmoil he was going through during that period. Despite the challenges he faced, he found solace in painting, and it helped him cope with the loss of his father.


atmospheric currents

     Atmospheric Currents by Mark Russell Jones


Jones' Creative Process 

Jones has a structured daily routine that he sticks to. He believes that staying physically active helps him maintain a positive mental state and has a positive impact on his work. Jones enjoys working out during the day and finds that it helps him stay focused and energized throughout the day. He also emphasizes the importance of staying true to himself and his values rather than chasing fame and fortune.

Jones finds the social and interpersonal aspects of his work challenging but recognizes the importance of building connections with his collectors and supporters. He values each of his relationships and approaches each person as an individual. He keeps in touch with his collectors on a personal level, sending them updates about his work and life, and is genuinely interested in their lives as well. Jones believes that building a community around his work is an essential part of being an artist, and he is committed to maintaining these relationships.

Jones is also deeply committed to continuing to develop his craft and improve his work. He spends a lot of time researching and experimenting with different techniques and materials, always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of his art. For Jones, painting is not just a job but a calling, a mission, and he is determined to continue to create work that speaks to the human experience.


Jones' Artistic Vision And Goals 

Jones' work is deeply personal and reflective of his experiences and emotions. He believes that art has the power to bring people together, and he hopes that his work can inspire others to follow their dreams, just as he did. By using his art to express himself and explore his memories, Jones aims to create a connection with his viewers, hoping that they will see a piece of themselves in his work. His dream is to create large-scale pieces for a chapel one day, recognizing the powerful role that art can play in religious settings.

Through his work, Jones hopes to help people realize the collective they are a part of and to inspire them to appreciate the beauty in nature and the world around them. He recognizes the impact that his work can have on others, and he is motivated to create pieces that will inspire and uplift those who view them. Ultimately, Jones sees his art as a way to bring people together and create a sense of community through shared experiences and emotions.



Mark Russell Jones is a unique and talented artist who has made a significant impact on the contemporary art world. His artistic journey is a reflection of his upbringing, life experiences, and passion for design. He attributes his passion for painting to his upbringing in Santa Maria, California, where he worked on his father's farm from a young age. His work today is heavily influenced by the elements of his childhood that he cherishes, such as the horizons and sand dunes he gazed at as a child.

Jones' design background has been instrumental in shaping his artistic career. He believes that composition knowledge is essential for both painting and design, and he strives to incorporate this knowledge into his work. He sees painting as a challenging but fulfilling endeavor, one that connects him to humanity, culture, and history.

Jones' work style is a reflection of his emotional experiences, and he hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams. He finds it essential to stay true to himself and let fame and fortune follow rather than chase after them. He recognizes the importance of staying physically active while also staying in touch with his body and its impact on his work. He values the connections and relationships he forms with his collectors and supporters, approaching them as individuals rather than as a collective whole.

Jones' long- and medium-term goals are to create larger-than-life pieces for a chapel, recognizing the power of art in religious settings. He hopes that his art can help people realize the collective they are a part of and inspire them to make a difference in the world. Jones' success is a testament not only to his talent but also to the support of his fans and supporters, whom he values dearly.


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