John Kotos' artistic journey is one of dedication and perseverance. Despite the challenges he has faced, he has remained committed to his passion for art, which has allowed him to develop a unique style that is gaining recognition in the contemporary art world. In this article, we delve into Kotos' experiences as an artist, including the challenges he faced early on in his career and the inspiration he draws from his surroundings. We also explore Kotos' creative process, including the techniques he uses to create his abstract paintings and his personal approach to art that prioritizes authenticity over audience appeal.


Artistic Career

After starting his artistic journey in 2013, John Kotos experimented with different techniques and mediums. Initially, he used spray paint and stencils to create his pieces, but he soon found his calling in the world of abstract art. Kotos realized that creating abstract art allowed him to maintain a peaceful and relaxing mindset while also giving him the freedom to express himself creatively.

As Kotos gained more experience and recognition for his own form of art, he was approached by the band "The Strokes" to create a concert poster for them. This was a significant moment in his artistic career and helped him gain further exposure for his unique style of abstract art.

Currently, Kotos mostly works with acrylic paint and utilizes the drying stage of the medium as part of his artistic process. This approach allows him to incorporate the natural drying process of the paint into his work and experiment with different textures and effects. The use of acrylic paint also allows for versatility in color and technique, which Kotos has been able to master through years of practice and experimentation.


Inspiration and the Creative Process

As an artist based in Florida, Kotos finds inspiration in the colorful and diverse culture and environment around him. The lush greenery, blue waters, and exotic animals of Florida are some of the themes that frequently appear in his paintings. However, Kotos does not limit himself to these subjects and often experiments with different themes and styles to keep his work fresh and exciting.

To enhance his painting skills, Kotos has been studying color theory in depth. By understanding the science of colors and their interactions, he has been able to create more natural and harmonious color palettes in his work. He also enjoys experimenting with different techniques and materials to push his creative boundaries.

He often loses track of time while painting and appreciates the sense of focus and flow that he experiences during these moments.



Ocean, 60 by 48”, acrylic paint on canvas, by John Kotos


Dream Project and Favorite Piece

John Kotos' passion for literature and art is reflected in his most ambitious project,  to create an illustration for each of the 18 parts of James Joyce's Ulysses on a single canvas. This massive undertaking is a testament to Kotos' creativity and dedication to his craft.. Kotos plans to use vibrant colors and a wide variety of shapes and patterns to represent the complex themes and emotions of Joyce's novel.

As an artist, Kotos draws inspiration from a variety of sources. He is particularly passionate about literature and sees it as a way to express his artistic vision. He believes that literature provides a wealth of ideas and emotions that can be translated into visual art. For him, creating a painting that represents the essence and beauty of a literary work is a deeply fulfilling experience.

One of Kotos' personal favorite pieces is "Mirage," a stunning painting that showcases his mastery of technique and texture. To create this piece, Kotos used the overpainting technique, which involves applying multiple layers of paint to create a textured surface that adds depth and richness to the painting. He also experimented with his own take on Van Gogh's famous method of painting skies, which helped him achieve the captivating, dream-like quality of the painting.


Challenges and Approach

As Kotos' career progressed, he realized that the art world is a competitive and often unpredictable industry. He learned that as an artist, he had to not only create art but also market and sell it. This process required him to step out of his comfort zone and network with people, showcase his art at exhibitions, and maintain an online presence. Kotos also had to learn how to deal with rejection and negative feedback, which he initially found difficult. However, he began to see it as a way to learn and grow as an artist.

Despite these challenges, Kotos remains true to his artistic vision and believes that it's essential to create work that reflects his unique style and ideas in contemporary art. He is passionate about abstract art and the sense of freedom it gives him, as well as his collectors. Kotos' art is a reflection of his personal experiences, emotions, and perceptions, and he feels that being authentic is the only way to create truly meaningful and impactful work. Through his dedication and perseverance, Kotos has gained recognition for his art, and his unique style and vision continue to inspire others in the art world.



Kotos' journey as an artist is not just about honing his artistic skills but also about learning to navigate the art world and putting himself out there. It takes a lot of courage to share one's work with the public and accept feedback, whether positive or negative. Despite his reserved nature, Kotos has come to understand that criticism can be constructive and help him grow as an artist. His willingness to experiment and take risks in his work is a testament to his dedication to the craft.

Kotos' artistic vision centers around authenticity and creating pieces that are truly his own. He believes that trying to appeal to a particular audience stifles creativity and often leads to mediocrity. Instead, he focuses on producing works that are personal to him and that he hopes will resonate with others. Through his art, Kotos hopes to convey his unique perspective on the world and inspire others to find their own creative voices.

Overall, John Kotos is a passionate, inspired, and driven artist whose work is a reflection of his inner self. His dedication to his craft, willingness to take risks, and emphasis on authenticity make him a true inspiration to other artists and creatives alike.

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