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The New Way to Manage Art Inventory With SMART Manager

Why is it important to organize art inventory?


Organizing art inventory is important because it allows artists easy cataloging and storage of artwork within the system, enabling viewers and clients to see new and exciting pieces. It also helps in managing and updating the information associated with each piece, such as details, business type, and pricing. Moreover, by organizing art inventory, artists create a centralized database that not only tracks the physical location and availability of pieces but also safeguards the digital records of creative assets. This becomes particularly crucial when it comes to managing intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks, and licensing agreements.


What are the main pain points in organizing art inventory? 

  • Time and effort required for data entry and information gathering.

  • Potential for human error in recording and updating inventory details

  • Challenges in tracking the physical location of artworks within a collection.

  • Difficulty in locating specific pieces when needed, especially with frequent loans or exhibitions.

  • Complexity in managing and updating inventory for large collections.


Different tools to organize inventory

  • Art inventory management software: Dedicated software designed specifically for managing art inventory, like SMART Manager

  • Spreadsheets

  • Cloud-based inventory system

  • Asset tracking software

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Mobile apps


How can the SMART Manager help artists with inventory management?


Artwork Feature: Organize, Present, and Store

One of the core functionalities of SAM is the Artwork feature, which provides artists with a dedicated space to edit, catalog, store, and present their art within the system. The Artwork tab serves as a centralized hub where artists can effortlessly manage their pieces, ensuring they remain up to date and readily accessible to viewers and clients.


Organization and Showcase

When it comes to organizing pieces and getting their work out for the public to see, SAM makes it easy for the artist. Within the system, not only can an artist edit and customize their artwork display, but they can also create an art Showcase. This Showcase feature allows viewers to get to know the artist by reading their art bios and statements and seeing the artist’s work, all through an elegant online display.


Managing Collections

SAM's Artwork feature streamlines the process of managing collections for artists. With the ability to add, edit, and delete pieces from the system, artists can easily curate and update their collections as their artistic journey evolves. Whether you're arranging artwork for an exhibition, creating a portfolio, or preparing for a client presentation, SAM ensures that your collections are always up to date and readily accessible.



For artists who frequently participate in exhibitions, SAM's Artwork feature offers invaluable advantages. For artists, life is chaotic; they are constantly getting their physical work into exhibition shows; therefore, their artwork is spread out. With SAM, artists can create virtual exhibitions within the platform, which allows them to track where their artworks are. Exhibition details such as important dates, locations, descriptions, etc. are all part of this Exhibition feature.


Portrait of art gallery manager hanging paintings while organizing an exhibition

By SeventyFour from Getty Images


SMART Manager Makes Sharing Easy

Additionally, the circulation of artwork becomes more manageable with SAM. Through the platform, artists can easily share their pieces with clients, galleries, and other relevant stakeholders, facilitating communication, collaboration, and potential sales opportunities. The Artwork feature's integration with SAM's broader suite of tools ensures a seamless workflow from creation to circulation, eliminating the need for separate systems and streamlining the art management process.


By providing a comprehensive platform to edit, catalog, and store artwork, SAM empowers artists with an efficient and convenient solution for organizing their creations. From maintaining an up-to-date showcase to managing collections and facilitating exhibitions and circulation, SAM's Artwork feature proves indispensable for artists seeking to enhance their artistic journey and connect with a wider audience.


Embrace the power of SAM and unlock the potential of your art as you embark on a new era of art management and exploration. Start using the Artwork feature today and witness firsthand the transformative impact it can have on your creative endeavors.


SMART Manager Protects Artwork Intellectual Property

Artworks shown through SMART Manager to the public cannot be downloaded or saved by locals. We will have a watermark feature, which will be published soon. This way, you can be confident that your artwork is safe with us. 




Organizing art inventory is essential for easy cataloging, storage, and presentation of artwork, allowing viewers and clients to discover new pieces. It facilitates efficient management and updates of artwork details, including information on business type and pricing. 


However, there are challenges involved, such as the time and effort required for data entry, the potential for human errors, difficulties in tracking the physical location of artworks, and the complexity of managing large collections. 


To address these pain points, the SMART Manager (SAM) provides artists with the Artwork feature, offering a centralized hub to edit, catalog, store, and showcase their art. SAM's Artwork feature simplifies organization, enables personalized collections, streamlines collection management, supports virtual exhibitions, and facilitates artwork circulation. By utilizing SAM, artists can enhance their art management process and connect with a wider audience, experiencing the transformative impact of efficient inventory organization.


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