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New Yorkers Are Figuring It Out

One of the purposes of “In the Mood of New York” is to highlight reality. RevArt’s intentionality is obvious. This is an exhibition about New York, in New York, featuring New York artists. At our core, our intended audience is New Yorkers, but we welcome all! Our four artists created their pieces with open minds. Every mark, brush stroke, and color were an invitation to see New York in its truth. 

There are stories in this exhibit being told for the first time, alongside stories that have been recounted multiple times. Figure art, which is the subject for most of the pieces in this exhibit, allows for these stories to become much more humanistic. Corne captures New Yorkers in moments of duality: vulnerability and trust. The figures in her paintings are vulnerable enough to succumb to their exhaustion, while also trusting that they will be safe to sleep on the subway. Emery observes his figures on the subway, as well as various social scenes, identifying their mood amidst their surroundings. Rifenburg’s figures are the product of connecting music and New York street culture. And, Spooner observes the impact that technology has on physical communication. Each tale as impactful as the other, serving to build connections between New Yorkers and retrace personal memories. Memories that may have been hindered due to the coronavirus, which disproportionately affected the residents of New York. This exhibition is also about healing. RevArt is here to show that the pandemic did not steal New York’s heart, it is still beating. 

All of these artists are residents of New York, which gives them and their artwork a sense of credibility that any art lover will appreciate. They are not outsiders constructing a false image of New York because they are admiring from afar. Rather, these artists observe their very surroundings, then depict the state for what it is, hoping their audience will recognize the authenticity and do the same.

About the Artists:

1)   Stephanie Corne is a French painter and multimedia artist who has extensive experience in catering to decorative arts for the wealthy and traveled the world for her graphic facilitation assignments. Her artwork can be abstract or figurative or both.

2)   Gregg Emery is a well-known artist who has traveled the world. His inspirations combine Western mystical experience with a long-term study of and immersion in Eastern cultures. 

3) Kevin Rifenburg is an artist who grew up in New York. His inspiration comes from his family history, memories, and life experiences.

4) Lucy "Clare" Spooner is a visual artist who has studied art at the University of Virginia, the Marchutz School of Fine Arts (Aix-en-Provence, France), the New York Studio School, and the Art Students League of New York.

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